2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari cancellation


Hi Everyone,

After the disappointment of last year’s Covid impact on the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, this is a message I hoped I would never have to write ever again. Let alone two years in a row!!

As you will all be aware, the Covid 19 situation in NSW has escalated, and continues somewhat out of control. The NSW Government announced last week the extension of the current lockdown conditions in parts of NSW until at least the end of August (our sources are indicating it will be far longer than that). Those lockdowns, coupled with increasing border closures and restrictions mean that it is now no longer possible to conduct the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, and as such I have made the difficult and painful decision to cancel the event.

It is simply not possible to get competitors, officials, medical and media teams, as well as everyone else we need to stage the rally, to and from the Wentworth region in a safe and viable manner. I’m currently not even able to get back to our NSW property to commence setting up the event without being locked out of my home in Victoria. It is not reasonable, or practical, to expect that everyone is able to quarantine for 14 days upon returning from the rally, and that’s dependent on your home state letting you back in!

But beyond all that, I have a responsibility to the local communities and landowners that have supported the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari since it began, and continue to be part of the reason that we can conduct the event so successfully today. We saw recently the impact of one Covid 19 case inadvertently being brought back to Mildura, and I am not prepared to risk anyone involved in the rally bringing the virus into any of our communities, even innocently. 

The Local Legends Sunraysia Safari is a massive event, and a logistical jigsaw puzzle like no other! Unfortunately it is not possible to reschedule all of the “moving parts” to another date this year; apart from all of the competitors, officials, support crews, medical, media etc. that we need at the rally, it would be a massive inconvenience to our local communities, land owners, and their ongoing farming activities. They generously plan their farm operations around us accessing their properties in the second week of September, and it is not possible to alter those plans.

We’re devastated in having to make this decision, and whilst it’s difficult personally and financially, it really is beyond our control, so rather than wallow around being all doom and gloom, we’ve already set our sights towards 2022. The Local Legends Sunraysia Safari will be conducted in the Wentworth region from September 7-10, 2022, and it will be the best bloody rally anyone has ever seen! After all, how many events can boast 3 years of planning!! We are going to run a stand alone event for conventional PRC/Historic type Rally Cars in conjunction with the “main” Safari, and we’re looking at all sorts of ways we can make the 2022 Local Legends Safari even bigger and better.

I’d like to take the opportunity to personally thank all of you that have supported us, in particular the landowners and local communities that have really embraced the Sunraysia Safari since Day One. All of our sponsors, officials, and competitors have been unwavering, and the messages I’ve received from so many of you over the past few days have really provided a huge morale boost. As I keep saying, it’s not the end of the World, just a cancelled rally, and we all know how many sporting events have fallen victim to this Covid 19 Pandemic. We’re one of the lucky ones; we’ll just dust ourselves off, regroup, and go again!

September 7-10,2022, Wentworth Region. Put it in your calendars now! The 2022 Local Legends Safari, make sure you’re there!

Sincere thanks for your ongoing support.


Troy Bennett  , Event director


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Local Legends Sunraysia Safari 2021: A Message from a "Former" Event Director!



The name Bob Carpenter is synonymous with Cross Country Rallying in Australia. But what many of you may not know is that our Event Director of the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, Troy Bennett, actually began his “apprenticeship” way back in 1996, working with Bob to help setup the Australian Safari, and learn how it was done! Bob has remained a close friend and mentor through the years, and has played an instrumental role in establishing the Sunraysia Safari, right back from when it was a blank piece of paper, to the successful and ever developing event that it is now.

Bob penned the following “call to arms” for all the former Cross Country Rally competitors out there, with Cars and Bikes sitting in the shed, just waiting for an opportunity to bring them out again. According to Bob, that time has arrived!! He asked us to send this out to all of you, and please share it with everyone you know who is a former competitor:


Well fellas, the time has come! 

As you all know by now, Troy Bennett has introduced a new category to the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, the “Classic Safari Cars” class. This is specifically for vehicles which have entered either the Wynn’s Safari and/or the Australian Safari in the years 1985 to 1997, which as you know, were the “Automotion” years, and the most challenging and exciting in the Safari’s long history.

Who of you that competed in at time will ever forget the challenge and camaraderie of the great Sydney – Darwin events, the 1988 Bi-Centennial Alice Springs-Darwin-Sydney marathon, The “Big One” over nearly 10,000 kilometres, or the three FIA “World Cup” Australian Safaris from 1985 to 1997?

Over the years since I retired from motorsport organization, I have had many, many calls from guys who competed in those days, saying “Bob, why don’t you revive the Safari as it was back then?” Well, the answer is simple. Those days have passed into history, and I am now 77 years young, and in the cattle breeding industry. But my enthusiasm for the event in it’s new guise as the “Sunraysia Safari” has not diminished – Not one bit!

And so I am delighted to have the opportunity to support Troy and to write to inspire and motivate those of you who could be called “The Old Brigade” to give it another go, dust off the cobwebs, (from yourselves and your cars), and come and support the new Safari! Oh, and I’m not just looking at the Auto competitors, I know there’s a lot of Moto guys out there who still have a bike in the shed too! We need everyone to get out and support the sport again. You were all instrumental in getting Cross Country Rallying up and running in Australia.

Troy and his team have invested a lot of time, energy, passion and money into keeping the “spirit” of the old Safaris alive, and they really need all of us to lend a hand to help push the sport on to the next chapter. I took Troy on way back in 1996 as he wanted to learn about Safaris, and work with me to put them together. I reckon I taught him a fair bit about how we put together the old Safaris, but he didn’t get his stubborn “never give up” attitude just from me; there’s a fair bit of his old man in there too! Most of you will know his late father Sam, who was a great mate of mine, and supporter of the Safaris right since the beginning. Troy is really passionate about honoring those who have played a part in establishing Cross Country Rallying in Australia, and celebrating our history, which I think is an outstanding gesture from a young fella, well, I guess he’s not so young these days! You are all part of that legacy.

Some of you may think that your vehicles are too outdated or non-competitive now, but under the regulations, if the vehicles are log booked from those days, the regulations re roll cages are okay, and the only mods that would be needed would be to seats to accommodate the HANS devices, and seatbelts, which would be out of date anyhow and due for replacement. 

So how about it Fellas?  The time has come for those who love and enjoy our sport of cross country rallying to step up to the mark, and show Australia that the old “Safari Spirit” is still alive and well!  Here is the chance to be a part of the revival, and not only catch up with, but compete against so many of your old mates. 

The really beaut thing is that as a part of the “Classic Safari Cars” class, you will not be competing directly against the new breed of cross country vehicles, but also those who you competed against in our days. I’ll be there, you can bet on it, and I hope to see you there too!  

Get your entry in now, and look forward to a great time in the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. And if you’re not able to enter, how about offering some sponsorship to help keep the rally moving forward? Many of you have businesses that would benefit from being involved, and any assistance you can provide would be fantastic.

Kind regards to all, and I’ll see you there!

Bob Carpenter      

Sunraysia Safari Rally 2021: 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari Entries Close Soon!

From The Event Director:

Preparations for the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari are progressing very well; the course is set and has already been approved! Just under 1200 competitive kms over the 4 days will see competitors facing a stunning and diverse range of terrain and tracks, and an amazing adventure! The focus this year is very much on endurance and navigation; there's two "marathon" competitive stages of 192 and 234kms respectively, and you'll need to set a consistent steady pace, and get all of your navigation spot on to set good times. The course is by no means a "car breaker"; it's perfectly traversable by conventional/historic type rally cars, as well as our usual Cross Country machines!

Local support continues to be overwhelming, and everyone is really looking forward to shaking off the gloom of the past 18 months and getting back out to rally! What we're short on at this point is entries; we really need a full field this year more than ever. Events like the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari are not cheap to run, and the simple reality is that without good entry numbers, and healthy sponsorship, they become very difficult to put together. We've invested an awful lot into rebuilding, sustaining and developing Cross Country Rallying over the past 5 years, and now we need all of you to get your vehicles ready, get your entries in, and support the event. We say it all the time: no entries, no rally! Like a lot of businesses, the Covid situation has hit us very hard, and we can't keep on subsidising rallies if people don't enter them! 

Official entries close on July 23, so please get yourselves organised now, and get your entries in! We're currently looking at just over 60 entries all up; we'd like at least another 30!!

Troy Bennett
Event Director


With the number of "original" Cross Country Rally cars still sitting in sheds, and the increasing level of interest from previous competitors, we've decided to create a brand new class for the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. The "Classic Safari Cars" class is for any vehicle that competed in the Wynn's/Australian Safaris from 1985-97, and we're hoping that we'll see may of the cars, and competitors, that helped set the foundation for our sport all those years ago. We already have several entries eligible for this class, and we're hopeful that we'll encourage several more! We can promise 4 days of fantastic competition, adventure and camaraderie, without the Bob Carpenter "car crushers"!! If you've got one in the shed, dust it off, and get it entered! We like to celebrate our history, and those who made out sport what it is.


It's that time again, when we start to look at filling official positions for this year's Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. If you'd like to be involved, and experience an amazing week in the stunning Wentworth Shire, please get in touch, we have several positions still available. We're not automatically assuming that everyone that volunteered for last year is available again, so even if you've spoken to us about being an official previously, contact us and let us know you want to be a part of if again in 2021!

Official press release

Entries open soon for 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari

From The Event Director:

Hi Everyone,

It's been a very long and difficult 12 months for all of us, and the forced cancellation of the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari was a near unsurvivable blow for the event, and indeed the entire business. We certainly weren't alone in this; many have struggled with the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, and unlike us, some have unfortunately been unable to make it through to the other side. We're still a long way from what we'd consider as having "recovered", but the good news is that we are finally able to take the first step towards getting back to normal, with entries now open for the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari!

We're set for a bumper year, with entries already almost half full (as a result of entries carried over from 2020), and an unprecedented level of interest from new competitors. As a result, I expect we will be oversubscribed with entries for the first time in our history! We will take as many competitors as our scheduling and safety requirements will allow, but the bottom line is that there maybe some competitors who will miss out. So my advice is to keep an eye on our website later in the week, and when the Supplementary Regulations and Entry forms become available, get your entry in ASAP. We accept entries in order of receipt, and it's important to note that an entry will only be considered as accepted once a completed entry form and payment of the entry fee have been received. 

I will be emailing the updated forms directly to competitors with entries that have carried over from 2020, but they are already considered as being "entered" for 2021. The rest of you will need to get your entries in quickly to avoid missing out!

And missing out is very much how I'd describe it! The course is without doubt the best we've ever set, and the extra time we've been given (as a result of last year's cancellation) has allowed us to make it even better. It will undoubtedly the best 4 days of Cross Country Rallying you're likely to find anywhere, with amazing tracks, stunning terrain, and the very best that the Wentworth Shire and our local communities have to offer. The lunchtime catering is worth coming for all by itself!

We'll be out and about getting the course finalised over the coming weeks, with a view to having everything ready to go by the end of May. The additional time is also allowing us to focus on increasing the commercial aspects of the Rally, and we're very pleased to be able to offer an increased Merchandise range for 2021, which will be available for pre-order for the first time. We're also actively seeking additional corporate support to assist us with securing the long term viability of the event, so if your business would like the benefits of a partnership with the Sunraysia Safari, please get in touch! We've made no secret of our expansion plans for both the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, and indeed the creation of other events, and on both fronts we have some exciting plans for 2022 and beyond. But we need to have a solid foundation on which to grow, or we risk going down the same path as many that have tried and failed. Covid 19 may have knocked us around a bit, but we're still very much on track to successfully grow the sport.

So, if you want to be a part of it in 2021, keep an eye on in the coming days, and when the Supp Regs and Entry Forms become available, don't delay in getting yours filled out, and back in to us!

That should cover it for now, but as always, if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Troy Bennett

Event Director


With the number of "original" Cross Country Rally cars still sitting in sheds, and the increasing level of interest from previous competitors, we've decided to create a brand new class for the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. The "Classic Safari Cars" class is for any vehicle that competed in the Wynn's/Australian Safaris from 1985-97, and we're hoping that we'll see may of the cars, and competitors, that helped set the foundation for our sport all those years ago. We already have several entries eligible for this class, and we're hopeful that we'll encourage several more! We can promise 4 days of fantastic competition, adventure and camaraderie, without the Bob Carpenter "car crushers"!! If you've got one in the shed, dust it off, and get it entered! We like to celebrate our history, and those who made out sport what it is.

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Hi Everyone,
"Unprecedented Times" is indeed the most appropriate way to describe the current situation. Our immediate World is changing on what currently feels like a daily basis, which makes it very difficult to plan and run a Cross Country Rally! I wanted to touch base with all of you to update you on where we're up to in the organisation of this year's Local Legends Sunraysia Safari.

The good news first! Despite the border closure issues between NSW and Victoria (where our original Course Checker resides!), we managed to persevere and find a way to get our Official Course Check completed late last week, actually slightly ahead of schedule. This is a massive milestone ticked off in the planning of the event, and is a major part of what occupies my time in setting up the rally each year, and contributes a significant level of stress! The excellent news is that the course itself is in fantastic condition; conventional rally cars will be more than capable of traversing the course, and with several already entered, we're hoping a few more might sign up to experience the challenge of the greatest motoring adventure in Australia!

As you can imagine, the COVID 19 situation is playing absolute havoc with our planning for the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. We were on track and looking good until things went downhill in Victoria, and it's all hit the fan from there! I'm presently somewhat "stuck" on the NSW side of the border at our "rally" home in Dareton, while Anne is locked down at our usual home on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. We've made the decision that we will have to continue like this until the rally; if I try to go "home" I won't be able to get back! It's actually fortunate that I've been up here working on the rally since May, as at least I can still carry on with getting everything ready.

COVID has forced us to continually revise and rethink how we can run the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari this year whilst complying with the requirements. The rally itself is actually fairly easy to manage, getting everyone here through closed borders is the big problem! So, after consulting with various authorities and stakeholders, we've come to the conclusion that we simply won't be able to run the rally as scheduled from September 9-12, as our sources indicate the border restrictions will be extended from the initially advised six weeks (which is due to expire mid August) to 10 weeks, which would be in the middle of the rally. So, there's no point in holding out for a miracle, it won't be running as initially planned.

All is not lost however! We are currently in the process of the rather mammoth task of moving the date of the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari to October 15-17. We're confident that the extra month will make all the difference, so we've thrown ourselves completely into making it happen. There are a number of factors in play to be able to both run the rally, and do the right thing by the local communities we visit, and we've also condensed the competition days (for this year only) from 4 to 3. This is in direct response to the COVID 19 restrictions and requirements, and actually doesn't impact the competitive stages all that much. 

We will provide more information in the Further Regulations, and detail the COVID restrictions and requirements for the event. There's a fair bit of work still  to get that pieced together!  

I understand this date change may cause issues for some, and our stated position of rolling entries over to 2021 if you can't make it still stands, or a refund if absolutely necessary. I'm hoping this date change might make it easier for some additional competitors to enter, and whilst we are currently looking at an excellent entry list, I'd like another 12-15 to get to capacity, assuming we don't lose too many with the date change, otherwise we'll need to find more. On that note, Moto competitors, stop practicing!! We've lost a couple in the last few weeks who've crashed whilst practicing, so stay off the bike! You'll get plenty of time in the seat come October!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you that have sent messages or called to check in on how I'm going, and to offer your support and encouragement. It's greatly appreciated. Also can I please thank our Corporate Partners, who've all consistently offered their support and understanding with regard to the ever changing scenarios we find ourselves in trying to organise the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari in 2020! 

Our existing competitors were informed of the date change yesterday, and already the positive response to the date change is most heartening. We welcome competitors who may now be able to compete as a result of the date change to get in touch ASAP, as well as anyone interested in helping as an official. We're really going to need everyone's support to get the event up and jumping this year!

Please all stay safe, look after yourselves, and I very much look forward to seeing you all here for the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari in October! 

As always, if you have any queries, please let me know.





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2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all keeping well in these unprecedented times! Apologies for this correspondence being a bit later than usual, but like for most people at present, the COVID 19 situation has been making life a bit unpredictable and busy! We also wanted to be placed as well as we possibly could be, in terms of information available to us, before I updated you on our plans for 2020.

As many of you who follow our various Social Media platforms would already know, I'm thrilled to be able to inform you from the outset that we have secured Local Legends as naming rights partner for this year's rally, and hopefully many more into the future! A fantastic Australian company making the best Beef Jerky, Biltong and Pork snacks you're likely to find; it was clearly a perfect match for me! But in all seriousness, their support is a big shot in the arm for the long term viability of the event, and vindicates the hard work we've put in over the past few years in making the rally commercially appealing and able to demonstrate its value. So hereafter it shall be known as the "Local Legends Sunraysia Safari"! We're going to have some fun with it, and produce some additional promotional content, so a few of you might get a guernsey in that, and some delicious Beef Jerky as well!

I'd also like to formally welcome Mickey Thompson Tires as an "official' event partner; they've supported us unofficially since the beginning of the Sunraysia Safari where they could, but I'm delighted that they have now seen value in stepping up their involvement. We've used their tyres on our survey vehicles from the beginning (and actually a long time before that!), and in all the time I've spent out in the bush doing surveys, course checks, and setting up the rally, I've honestly only had one puncture, and as Anne will no doubt tell you, it was entirely my fault (I was looking for a road that very clearly wasn't there!)!! Mickey Thompson will be putting up tyre prizes for our top 3 Outright Auto placegetters, as well as supporting officials. Don't despair though; through their "Mates of Mickey" program they've created a very special deal for everyone in the Sunraysia Safari "family", so you can get great prices on tyres for all of your vehicles! I'll provide further details on that soon.

The last thankyou I want to make before getting down to "business" is to acknowledge many of our other previous partners, that despite the current uncertainty, have already committed their ongoing support to the rally. Owen Roof Trusses, ARB, STE Engineering, Monaghan Logistics, and the Wentworth Shire have all thrown their support behind the event, and me personally, and it's difficult to articulate just how grateful I am. .

So, to the main reason for this correspondence! We've been working very closely with Federal and State Governments, Shires and our sanctioning bodies, to get an understanding of what the circumstances are going to look like in September, and how that will impact on our ability to run the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. I'm very pleased to report that, based on all of the information available, and projections of the lifting of restrictions, that we believe the event will be able to run as scheduled from September 9-12. As such, we are now comfortable with opening entries, and getting on with setting the event up! Supplementary Regulations, and Entry forms are now available on the website (, and can I take the opportunity to acknowledge the assistance of both Motorsport Australia and Motorcycling NSW in getting this sorted, it's a very trying time as I'm sure you can appreciate, and both organisations are working under exceptionally difficult conditions.

The decision to go ahead was based on a number of factors, and at the forefront was the absolute obligation I feel to support the local communities and property owners that make this event possible. COVID 19 is undoubtedly a massive problem for all of us, but bear in mind that these people are still battling the crippling drought as well. They need our support, financially and psychologically, so we're going to give it to them!

Basic details are: September 9-12, based at the Wentworth Showgrounds, and you'll need to be up here for the evening of Monday September 7. 4 days, and at least 1200 competitive kms. A fantastic set of stages, with a wide variety of terrain, again utilising some of our favourite properties, and plenty of new ones as well! Obviously some aspects of the overall event may need to be altered to comply with the COVID 19 situation (briefings etc), but we'll keep you updated as we are required to reassess any of that. And, if on the slight chance that things get worse, and we can't run the event, we'll simply roll everything over to next year, or refund those who don't want to wait. As always, there is a critical number of entries to make the event viable, and whilst we actually anticipate a capacity field this year (based on the interest we're already receiving from previous and new competitors), we really do need your support in entering ASAP. It's a bit "chicken and egg"; if you wait to see if the event is running we probably won't have enough entries to run the event! Entries close near the end of July, and we'll definitely be in the position by then to confirm what's happening.

As always, we give priority to previous competitors to enter, as a gesture of our appreciation for your continued support. But we have more previous competitors now than the maximum number of entries we can accept, so I urge you to get your fully completed entry forms back, and your entry fees paid. On that, can I also ask two big favours: firstly can you get the information on your entry forms completed, and correct! Handling incomplete and multiple versions of entry forms is a real headache, and particularly a lack of information on items such as Merchandise selections, if Auto competitors want Moto Scrolls, and the number of service vehicles all causes us delays and angst. Printing and stickers are big costs, so whilst we don't want to print too many, we also don't want to have too few! Please get your info sorted as much as you can before you enter.

The second favour is actually far more important. As you'll know, we offer catering packages for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It's important to know that the event does not make any money from these; in fact I personally pay for all of the event officials we provide food for. This money directly benefits the local community groups, and I can't overstate how critical that is in terms of their fundraising activities. So can I please ask all of you to order as many packages as you can, and please don't expect to be able to purchase on the day. Do the right thing, support the locals, and get amazing food. The overnight stop food will be a bit different this year, we're trying multiple options with the usual "sit down" style meal, and a "Food Truck" style option as well to give you more variety, and based on what I've seen of their menu, you'll be kicking yourself if you don't order! Finally, we really need to support the Bar at the Showgrounds rather than bringing your own; this year the Wentworth Show has had to be cancelled due to COVID 19, for only the 4th time in its lengthy history (World Wars 1 and 2, and the massive floods in 1956).They've lost all of their fundraising opportunities, so please all feel free to come and buy me a drink at the Bar over the course of the event, or even better, shout an official who's volunteering their time so you can have a play in the bush!  

Two other things to note: For Moto Competitors, Mototech will be once again providing service assistance, so if you'd like to look at getting some help, we'll send out the form when they've finalised their details. Also, for the first time we'll be doing a Merchandise Order form prior to the Event, so you can order in advance for your crew, family and friends, and it will help us to make sure we order enough of the right item
If for whatever reason you can't enter this year, please give thought to coming along and assisting as an official. Our Officials Co-Ordinator (an actual person that's not either Anne or me for the first time!) is very keen to sign up control and stage officials. You all know how much fun it is to be out in the bush with your mates and the broader Sunraysia Safari "family", and also performing a critical role in the running of the rally. If you're interested, or know of anyone else who might be, please contact me, and I'll forward your details on. I really do like the sound of that, there's a lot to be said for delegation!

That's probably enough from me for now! It goes without saying that, as always, I promise you Anne and I won't rest until the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari is as brilliant as it can possibly be, and I very much hope you all join me for another adventure! If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me. Oh, and when you enter, please use a seperate email, if you simply reply to this email it's likely your entry will get lost in a lengthy email chain!

Kind Regards,


Sunraysia Safari 2020: A New Era of "Local Legends" at the Sunraysia Safari!

September 9-12 will see the fourth edition of the Sunraysia Safari, and in a very exciting announcement, “Local Legends” (the Australian based maker of exceptional Beef Jerky, Biltong and Pork Crackle snacks) have secured the naming rights partnership for the event. Now known as the “Local Legends Sunraysia Safari Rally”, the partnership demonstrates the promotional value the rally is able to provide, and is a solid vindication of many years of hard work by the organisers, to develop a World class event that captures the imagination of competitors and sponsors, as well as interest from all corners of the globe.

Once again based in the spectacular Wentworth Shire, on the edge of Outback NSW, competitors will be treated to around 1200 competitive kms over the 4 days of competition. The support of the local communities that host the event is a real highlight for competitors and officials alike, and given the crippling drought conditions many landowners are experiencing, the economic and social boost that the rally brings is needed more than ever. As Event Director, Troy Bennett explains:

“We’re always very conscious of the fact that whilst we’re all out having an amazing time with the rally, the properties we are so generously welcomed onto are all working farms. With the drought having such a devastating impact on so many, we had initially decided to look at staying off several properties this year to give them a break, however, when we put this to the farmers, they were insistent that we use their tracks again! There aren’t too many events that enjoy the level of co-operation and enthusiasm we receive from the locals, and we’re immensely grateful”.

Competition is set to go up another level this year, with several older Cross Country Rally cars being purchased by new owners, specifically to enter the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari. “There’s clearly a strong appetite amongst rally competitors for an affordable long distance “adventure” style rally, focussed on camaraderie and good natured competitive spirit” according to the Event Director:

“The fact that people are buying cars specifically for this rally is the best possible endorsement we can get, in terms of confirming we’re on the right track. It will be great to see so many of the cars from previous years out in the bush again, doing what they were built to do”.

It is also expected that the event will receive entries from International Auto competitors for the first time, with a Japanese based team preparing two vehicles to test against the best that the Wentworth region can offer, and interest from other teams keen to send cars to compete in the stunning NSW Outback.

It’s not just the Auto division that’s expected to be ultra competitive. For the first time, the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari will be running under a FIM International Meeting Number (IMN), which makes it a lot easier for International Moto Competitors to compete. The rally has fielded a huge number of enquiries from all over the World, and the hope is that many of the World’s best riders will come “Down Under” to test themselves against Australia’s team of “local legends”.

“We’ve had Tony Rutter from New Zealand compete in the last two Sunraysia Safaris” says Event Director Bennett, “and whilst we’re very pleased to welcome him back again this year, we’re hoping he can bring a few mates as well! We’ve been talking with Motorcycling Australia about confirming the rally with FIM Oceania status, so an ANZAC challenge or similar could well be on the cards. Even an Australia versus the rest of the World would be a real drawcard”.

The Supplementary Regulations for the 2020 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari will be available shortly, and entries will open at that time. Organisers are expecting a capacity field this year, particularly given the increase in auto entries, and the international interest with the Moto Division. The organisers have already stated they feel that 2020 will be a defining year for the rally, and preparations are continuing at a frenetic pace.

For further information, please contact the Event Director Troy Bennett, by email ( or by mobile (0428 541 809). There are still several partnership opportunities available for businesses wanting to benefit from involvement with the event, and there’s always a need for officials to assist with running the rally if you’d like to share in the amazing experience of a few days in the beautiful Wentworth Shire, and meet some remarkable people!

Official press release

Sunraysia Safari Rally 2020: Moto category with International Meeting Number to receive international riders

Sunraysia Safari Rally Director has just completed the long term restoration of this little beast (his original Cross Country Rally Car!) and recently took it out to assist the organisers of the Alpine Rally of East Gippsland running as a course car.

It’s moved up to its new home at Sunraysia Safari HQ, so it’s available for “testing” the tracks we’re using for this year’s Sunraysia Safari. He’s still trying to work out a clause in the Supp Regs to allow him to enter an event he’s also directing.......! If not, he reckons it will be the fastest Course Survey vehicle in history!

On the matter of Supp Regs, the organizers are about to make a massive announcement regarding the future of the event, and need to finalise a couple of details, but they will be out shortly.

Organization can announce now that the Sunraysia Safari will have an International Meeting Number (IMN) for the Moto Division, meaning International riders can enter far more easily. There’s a lot of interest from all over the World, so the organizers hope to host riders from far and wide take up the challenge of four days of competition in Outback NSW!

Some people missed the earlier confirmation of dates for this year’s event, which will be run from September 9-12 (the same time as last year, which worked brilliantly). Competitors will need to be in Wentworth on the evening of Monday September 7.

The organization as been out for the past couple of weeks talking with property owners, and we’re all set to start Course surveys at the end of March. It’s all systems go, so get yourselves organised!

2020 will be a defining year in the history of the Sunraysia Safari. Entries will be limited to a total of 90, so you won’t want to delay getting yours in when they open!!

As always, please feel free to contact the organizers directly if you have any queries. The organizers will be taking an active role on more and more social media forums (such as ADV Rider) this year to spread the word far and wide about our amazing little event! 


Source Sunraysia Safari Rally

Sunraysia Safari 2019: Final results


If you are using a MOBILE device, please follow this link to view the result table :

To view the updated and official results, please visit:

1 1 H3 Jacob Smith 14 11:16:07
2 9 H3 Toby Hederics 14 11:17:47
3 303 A4 Glenn Owen/Matthew Ryan 14 11:46:49
4 301 A5.2 John Purshouse/Murray Hynes 14 12:00:19
5 314 A4 Josh Wilson/Adam Bensch 14 12:11:58
6 2 H3 Matthew Gillespie 14 12:12:38
7 17 H2 Simon Arthur 14 12:16:26
8 306 A4 Jason Noonan/Sam Sapuppo 14 12:25:24
9 36 H2 David Geeves 14 12:43:17
10 6 H3 Jason Stewart 14 12:52:35
11 310 A5.2 Trevor Hanks/John Doble 14 12:58:44
12 5 O45 David Schwarz 14 13:22:40
13 8 O45 Tony Rutter 14 13:23:48
14 10 H2 Jason Mitchell 14 13:26:42
15 318 A4 Jake Freckleton/David Burford 14 13:49:22
16 35 O45 Billy Fishwick 14 13:52:16
17 320 A6 Jason O'Brien/Mark Dugan 14 14:12:39
18 20 H2 Brian Kozan 14 14:34:20
19 18 H3 Gerard Harrison 14 14:41:00
20 26 H2 Des Hogan 14 14:43:12
21 316 A3.6 Richard McNay/Aaron Blacksell 14 14:43:22
22 7 H3 Paul Smith 14 14:44:15
23 25 O45 Don Lark 14 14:45:49
24 302 FIA Luke Olham/Gordon Trigg 14 15:04:13
25 14 O45 Allan Saunders 14 15:08:25
26 37 ADV Conrad Fairhead 14 15:13:37
27 311 A5.2 Terry Conner/Matilda Conner 14 15:59:09
28 12 O45 Matthew Tisdall 14 16:00:50
29 27 H3 Warren Colley 14 16:09:12
30 152 Sidecar Max Hutcheson/Sam Hutchinson 14 16:32:21
31 15 H3 Simon Pilepich 14 16:59:35
32 52 O45 Dylan De Szabo 14 17:22:41
33 19 H2 Leigh Maden 14 17:59:57
34 315 A5.2 Brett Ross/Jason Hague 13 15:50:01
35 323 PRC Michael Coates/Justin Coates 13 16:36:09
36 317 A1.1 Desley Kelly/Geoff Emmins 13 20:23:28
37 307 A5.2 Warren Denham/Aaron Topliff 12 14:03:27
38 43 Quad Nathan Falvo 12 15:35:54
39 11 O45 Jason McDonald 11 16:17:08
40 319 A6 Graham Colbran/Aaron Colbran 11 18:59:04
41 4 H3 Sam Davie 9 16:43:26
42 300 A3.3 Michael Denham/Daniel Adam 9 17:06:21
43 308 A5.2 Tony Quinn/Damian Roach 7 17:31:31
44 58 H3 Peter Clews 7 18:08:34
45 76 ADV Hayden Graham 7 00:07:47
46 100 Sidecar Mark Launer / Tyson Rohrlach 6 19:59:42
47 322 A6 Jason Marks/Mitchell Jukes 6 22:49:35
48 57 O45 Marty Chappell 4 18:10:05
49 16 O45 Uwe Von Czapiewski 4 19:38:11
50 3 H3 Beau Hederics 4 22:16:34
51 305 A5.2 Andrew Travis/David Travis 3 22:47:05
52 47 h2 David Winterburn 2 14:50:33
53 324 PRC Robert Mifsud/Starr Mifsud 2 00:36:07
54 325 PRC John Cooper/Ross Warner 2 00:45:49
55 304 A4 John Hederics/Paul Edwards 0 00:40:00

Sunraysia Safari 2019: Australia's greatest race is ready to start

Sunraysia Safari 2019 Gears Up For 2019

In just under a week’s time, Australia’s best Cross Country Rally competitors will descend on the Wentworth Shire for the start of the 2019 Sunraysia Safari Cross Country Rally. Now in its third year, the rally continues to grow, and despite the heartbreaking drought conditions being experienced in the region, the local communities continue to embrace the event as a real highlight, and the ever increasing support sees access to more properties than ever before. As a result, competitors will experience 1230 competitive kms on 15 different special stages over the 4 days of the rally, from September 11-14. The Sunraysia Safari is in fact the longest rally in Australia in terms of competitive distance, and an amazing array of terrain and stunning landscapes will be experienced during this epic adventure.

Leading the Moto division is defending Champion Jacob Smith, who after campaigning with Honda for many years, returns to the Sunraysia Safari on a Husqvarna FE 501 for the first time. 2017 winner Rod Faggotter has unfortunately been sidelined with injury this year, but local brothers Toby and Beau Hederics will be leading the charge, along with many other riders keen to capture the Number 1 plate.  New Zealander Tony Rutter returns to take on the challenges of Outback NSW for the second time, and with future interest demonstrated for International Event status, he’s the first of what is expected to be an influx of overseas competitors to the event. The rally has a category for sidecars for the first time, and it will be fascinating to watch their progress, along with the quads. A healthy field of riders from all over the country will be giving their all to make it through to the finish!

The Auto Division has increased significantly since last year, and with the greater quantity comes quality as well! Defending Champions Michael Denham/Daniel Adam will face stiff competition in their Micklefab Raptor, from former Champion John Purshouse, as well as young charger Luke Olholm in his Dakar spec Century CR6. With names on the entry list like Tony Quinn, Les Walkden, Glenn Owen, and not forgetting multiple Australian Safari winner John Hederics, it’s going to be on for young and old!

The Sunraysia Safari continues to innovate, and this year sees a “Show and Shine” style display on the evening of Tuesday September 10 at the Wentworth Showgrounds, which is the headquarters of the event. Designed to give the locals an opportunity to see the vehicles up close, and meet the competitors, it has been developed out of an interest from the communities to be more involved. “The level of interest and support from the people in the region continues to amaze me” explained Event Director Troy Bennett. “Even in the midst of the drought that is causing so much hardship for so many of our friends up here, the main topic of conversation when I’m out on the properties is how can they help us? It’s truly remarkable and humbling to see such resilience and community spirit”.

New for the 2019 edition is the final “super special” stage with a spectator point set up to allow everyone to see what Cross Country Rallying is all about. Located less than 3kms from the finish of the event (at the Wentworth Showgrounds) on the Old Wentworth Rd, on the afternoon of Saturday September 14, it is expected to be very popular, and a great way to showcase the sport.

So, on Wednesday September 11, the 2019 Sunraysia Safari will roar into life, for what must be the ultimate test of endurance, skill, and raw speed on the Australian Rally Calendar. Who will win remains impossible to tell, but one thing that can be guaranteed is that all the competitors will have an unforgettable experience in the meantime!

Source Sunraysia Safari

Sunraysia Safari 2019: Entries are about to close



"Hi Everyone,
It's just on 9 weeks until this year's Sunraysia Safari, and the event is shaping up to be a truly memorable adventure! We're in the final stages of setting the course, ready for it to be checked, and the all important route instructions confirmed. The stages this year are undoubtedly the best we've ever had; honestly every section we set is better than the previous one. I'm very proud of what we have to offer you, and I'm certain competitors are going to enjoy every minute of the 4 days of competition we've put together.

One that point: Competitors, where are you? With 3 weeks to go until entries officially close, we're only halfway to meeting our anticipated number. We've kept our entry fees as low as possible, so in return we need a healthy field to cover the costs of running the event, and the support from our competitor base has been a bit slow in coming! Our cutoff date is not a financial requirement, it's so we can place orders for merchandise, and most significantly, the scrolls for the moto competitors, which are hugely expensive. We don't want to order too many for no reason, but we also want to make sure we order enough! Or someone is going to be sitting at the Wentworth Showgrounds with scissors and sticky tape each night, like the good old days!

Seriously though, if you're planning on entering, please do so ASAP, or at least contact me to let me know you're coming. If you're not sure yet if you're entering, please do! We need the support of everyone to ensure the ongoing viability of the sport. We plan on running the Sunraysia Safari well into the future, but we can't keep subsidising the rally ourselves. I'm happy to take entries now, with payment at a later date (prior to the event of course!), but we need numbers now to order everything in time. Time to get on board, you definitely won't regret it!

This year's event utilizes all new country again, with some brand new stages on a brilliant variety of terrain. There's also some of the "old favourites" thrown in, albeit they're new stages on our favourite properties! We're well on track to exceed 1200 competitive kms over the 4 days, and we've developed a few new innovations along the way to further engage with, and support the local communities in the region. The "show and shine" display on Tuesday night is already receiving wide interest, and the prospect of a spectator point on the final stage of the event on the Saturday is also being well received! We'll keep working away to develop the best possible rally that we can, with the ongoing support of so many people who are so passionate about the event.

I've got to get back to finishing off the route instructions now, but in closing, I urge you again to get on board and support the Sunraysia Safari. In addition to competitors, we will need 10 control crews and other assorted officials, so if you'd like to come along and experience a fantastic week in Outback NSW, please contact me immediately. We also still have room for some additional corporate support (which would be greatly appreciated!), so if you'd like to benefit from having your company associated with the Sunraysia Safari, again, please contact me immediately (so we can get merchandise and signage sorted out in time). As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me."

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