2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari cancellation


Hi Everyone,

After the disappointment of last year’s Covid impact on the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, this is a message I hoped I would never have to write ever again. Let alone two years in a row!!

As you will all be aware, the Covid 19 situation in NSW has escalated, and continues somewhat out of control. The NSW Government announced last week the extension of the current lockdown conditions in parts of NSW until at least the end of August (our sources are indicating it will be far longer than that). Those lockdowns, coupled with increasing border closures and restrictions mean that it is now no longer possible to conduct the 2021 Local Legends Sunraysia Safari, and as such I have made the difficult and painful decision to cancel the event.

It is simply not possible to get competitors, officials, medical and media teams, as well as everyone else we need to stage the rally, to and from the Wentworth region in a safe and viable manner. I’m currently not even able to get back to our NSW property to commence setting up the event without being locked out of my home in Victoria. It is not reasonable, or practical, to expect that everyone is able to quarantine for 14 days upon returning from the rally, and that’s dependent on your home state letting you back in!

But beyond all that, I have a responsibility to the local communities and landowners that have supported the Local Legends Sunraysia Safari since it began, and continue to be part of the reason that we can conduct the event so successfully today. We saw recently the impact of one Covid 19 case inadvertently being brought back to Mildura, and I am not prepared to risk anyone involved in the rally bringing the virus into any of our communities, even innocently. 

The Local Legends Sunraysia Safari is a massive event, and a logistical jigsaw puzzle like no other! Unfortunately it is not possible to reschedule all of the “moving parts” to another date this year; apart from all of the competitors, officials, support crews, medical, media etc. that we need at the rally, it would be a massive inconvenience to our local communities, land owners, and their ongoing farming activities. They generously plan their farm operations around us accessing their properties in the second week of September, and it is not possible to alter those plans.

We’re devastated in having to make this decision, and whilst it’s difficult personally and financially, it really is beyond our control, so rather than wallow around being all doom and gloom, we’ve already set our sights towards 2022. The Local Legends Sunraysia Safari will be conducted in the Wentworth region from September 7-10, 2022, and it will be the best bloody rally anyone has ever seen! After all, how many events can boast 3 years of planning!! We are going to run a stand alone event for conventional PRC/Historic type Rally Cars in conjunction with the “main” Safari, and we’re looking at all sorts of ways we can make the 2022 Local Legends Safari even bigger and better.

I’d like to take the opportunity to personally thank all of you that have supported us, in particular the landowners and local communities that have really embraced the Sunraysia Safari since Day One. All of our sponsors, officials, and competitors have been unwavering, and the messages I’ve received from so many of you over the past few days have really provided a huge morale boost. As I keep saying, it’s not the end of the World, just a cancelled rally, and we all know how many sporting events have fallen victim to this Covid 19 Pandemic. We’re one of the lucky ones; we’ll just dust ourselves off, regroup, and go again!

September 7-10,2022, Wentworth Region. Put it in your calendars now! The 2022 Local Legends Safari, make sure you’re there!

Sincere thanks for your ongoing support.


Troy Bennett  , Event director


Source Local Legends Sunraysia Safari


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