Dakar 2022: Macik in the 7th place after a risky pursuit ride


In Stage 8 of the Dakar Rally, the competitors had to overcome a rough, sandy, 395-kilometre-long track. The Big Shock! Racing team’s truck crew, Martin Macik, Frantisek Tomasek and David Svanda described it as the most challenging stage of this year’s rally. The yellow truck from Sedlcany managed to finish the stage in an excellent 7th place thanks to a risky pursuit (interrupted only once by a tire change) and perfect navigation. The crew moved up again in the overall rankings, to 9th place. The improved performance of their truck has also added to the Sedlcany crew’s appetite for racing.

The most challenging stage of this year’s Dakar so far

Martin Macik’s yellow Iveco truck set off on the track of Monday’s special stage from 9th position. The organisers had promised a track full of challenging dunes and sandy fields for Stage 8 – a promise they, according to the Sedlcany crew, definitely kept. “It was a blast. I think it was probably the hardest stage of this year’s Dakar so far. We drove four hundred racing kilometres, and the first two hundred were just dunes, sometimes interrupted by a kilometre-long pass. And then dunes again, and again. That’s why it took everyone so long to finish today. It was really tough, but we were flying like the wind,” Martin Macik described the stage.

I haven’t seen dunes like that in a long time

The stage started with a sandy terrain and the crew had to jump out of the car and change a tire at the very beginning.

“We ran over something in a canyon in the dust, where we couldn’t see properly and had to change a tire. Unfortunately, it was on the rocks, and it wasn’t easy, we lost about ten minutes there,”

the onboard mechanic, David Svanda, said. Before the crew could continue, they were overtaken by several of their competitors, but immediately set off to catch up. And it went surprisingly well.

“It seems that the mechanics managed to improve the truck’s performance a bit overnight, which helped us to overcome today’s huge dunes quite smoothly. I haven’t seen dunes like that in a long time,”

the navigator, Frantisek Tomasek, added, describing the high and very challenging dunes the truck had to climb up.

“We were passing dangerous funnels, we often had to overtake each other. It was quite a risky ride. And navigation was also quite challenging, but Frantisek managed it perfectly,”

Macik complimented his colleague. After waiting for the neutralisation, the crew of the yellow truck, called Charles, set off for the second part of the stage and gradually managed to overtake all the trucks that had overtaken them during the tire change. And during the flight to the finish, which was very jumpy at the end, they overtook other trucks as well.

Our bodies are sore, but the appetite for racing is growing

At the finish of today’s stage, Martin Macik’s crew admitted that the improved performance of the truck has also boosted their appetite for racing. This is even though the kilometres covered in the rough terrain are already starting to take their toll on the crew’s bodies.


Source: Big Shock

Dakar 2022: Quintanilla, runner-up in the eighth stage, closes in on the rally lead

Pablo Quintanilla posted second place today at the finish-line in Wadi Ad-Dawasir, clawing back time and setting up the chance of making the top step of the final podium. Monster Energy Honda Team’s American rider Ricky Brabec was fourth on the day. 

The Dakar Rally heads into its final stretch and today, with the lengthiest stage of this edition, at 830 km, the mileage count takes a hefty leap forward. On the agenda were 395 kilometres of special stage across the southern part of Saudi Arabia, with plenty of sand and a lot of dunes to be tackled. From Al Dawadimi it was on to Wadi Ad-Dawasir, on a day featuring more kilometres of link section than special stage. The most southerly located bivouac in this Dakar will be the destination for two stages: tomorrow, a new looping stage will see competitors charter territory in the vast Empty Quarter.
Pablo Quintanilla was the best placed representative from the Monster Energy Honda Team on today’s stage, although most of the riders performed well on the eighth stage of the Dakar 2022. Pablo reached the bivouac in second place, less than three minutes behind the day’s winner. Ricky Brabec also set a fierce pace, registering the day’s fourth best time, 6’44” behind Sunderland. Tomorrow, the American should be able to use tomorrow’s position to his advantage to gnaw into the time of his direct rivals.
Nacho Cornejo got lumbered with the unpleasant task of opening the track today after winning yesterday’s stage. The young Chilean rode well until the latter part of the day, when a minor navigation error caused him to slip back, losing a little more time than expected. Monster Energy Honda Team team-mate Joan Barreda took a tumble on a dune early in the special that left him in some pain throughout the day. The rider still managed to finish ninth in RallyGP with a 12 minutes deficit. The Spaniard is fifth overall, 14’38” behind the race leader.
Tomorrow’s stage
The Wadi Ad-Dawasir loop, some 491 kilometres in total, including 287 kilometres of timed special stage, will pass through a fairly unfamiliar area: the Arabian Peninsula’s Empty Quarter. Mountains and tracks between canyons will require a radically different riding style to the approach used until now. Less sand, but higher difficulty level, especially regarding the navigation.
Ricky Brabec  2 - STAGE: 4TH  OVERALL: 12TH - Today's route was good, it was very fast and the longest day of this Dakar. The first part was a lot of dunes, the second part was very fast. I rode alone all day, hoping to catch the group, but I couldn't. I wish I was at the front... I wish I was up front battling with the top five. The first seven are within six minutes of each other! For our part, we'll keep pushing for the remaining days; tomorrow could be a good day. We'll see what happens... anything can happen in this Dakar.
Pablo Quintanilla  7 STAGE: 2ND  OVERALL: 4TH Today was a good day for me. I took advantage of the starting position that I had and I finished the stage second and knocked off some time in the general standings. I'm very pleased. In the second part of the race we have been taking it day by day and reducing the time. The times are very tight and there are still four special stages to go. I'm calm, enjoying myself and focused on having a good race each day.
José Ignacio Cornejo  11 STAGE: 14TH  OVERALL: 11TH Today was a tough stage, I knew it would be difficult because I had to open the track, but I think I was doing well until about kilometre 333, where I entered a track in a valley that was not the right one. I lost a lot of time to get back in the right place and I'm a bit upset about that because I dropped a little bit of time to the rest of the guys behind. Anyway, I still have the same attitude, the same desire for the remaining days of the race. We'll go out with the same pace and the same concentration as in the last few days.
Joan Barreda  88 STAGE: 9TH  OVERALL: 5TH The stage was difficult. The first part had a lot of sand and I had a fall when I jumped over a dune. I tried to stay with Nacho, who kept a very high pace today, and in the final part, with a lot of navigation, I managed to catch him. We made a mistake on a note with about 40 kilometres to go, where we lost quite a few minutes. It's a pity because otherwise it would have been a really good stage. We have to fight every day, giving it our best. There are still days to go, so we have to grit our teeth.
Source: Monster Energy Honda Team

Dakar 2022 : SS8: Fourth place overall for Przygonski


With a total distance of roughly 830 kilometres, the leg to Wadi ad Dawasir was the longest of the 2022 Dakar. The 400-kilometre special stage was a mixture of sand, dunes and fast sections. Jakub “Kuba” Przygonski (POL) and Timo Gottschalk (GER) finished eighth in the MINI JCW Buggy and are now fourth in the overall standings. Sebastian Halpern and Bernardo “Ronnie” Graue (both ARG) ended the stage in 17th place in their MINI JCW Buggy, just ahead of Vaidotas Zala (LTU) and Paulo Fiuza (POR) in a MINI JCW Rally.

Przygonski, who was 14th onto the stage, clocked top-ten times from the word go. Unlike his rivals, he came through the stage without any issues or mistakes, which allowed him to take eighth place.

Kuba Przygonski:

“The first 200 kilometres consisted solely of sand and dunes. As the sand was very soft, you really had to take care not to get stuck. However, we came through it well. The final 200 kilometres were much faster. I am happy with our day – we avoided making any mistakes and will now try to maintain this rhythm.”

MINI JCW Buggy driver Halpern may have struggled a little with the soft sand in the dunes today, but he still came through the 400-kilometre stage without any major issues. He reached the finish line in 18th place and remains ninth overall.

Sebastian Halpern:

“That was a very long stage with difficult navigation again, but Ronnie did a very good job. However, we had problems in the dunes, as the sand is very soft. They are not so easy in a buggy. Sometimes we needed a couple of attempts to get over a dune. However, we are still in the top ten.”

Tomorrow, the teams can recover a little after today’s long leg. The drivers, on the other hand, must tackle a 287-kilometre loop around the bivouac in Wadi ad Dawasir. For the first time, sand will play no role. Instead, they will be faced by mountains and canyons.


Source: X-Raid Team

Dakar 2022: VIDEO - Extended highlights of the day presented by Gaussin - Stage 7

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Dakar 2022: Rainbow Truck Team survives though seventh stage

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The seventh stage of the Dakar Rally 2022 was fast, but also dangerous and quite tough. Gerrit Zuurmond, Tjeerd van Ballegooij and Klaas Kwakkel decided not to take any risks. For the Rainbow Truckteam only the finish counts.

It was a busy day, also for navigator Tjeerd van Ballegooij. "If it had been paper, it would have been a thick book: many short notes. So also very careful not to miss anything, because it went fast and it was treacherous. We saw a lot of them with pieces standing and lying around along the way, big and small."

That was the signal for Gerrit Zuurmond and his men to drive a little slower. "We drove with intelligence," says Van Ballegooij. "Didn't do anything crazy, that doesn't make sense at all."

A little more calm also made it a little easier for Van Ballegooij to navigate. Especially in the second part of the test, the navigation was sometimes quite complicated and several participants were looking for a well-hidden waypoint. "Then people start turning and driving around and suddenly someone comes at you against the direction," saw Van Ballegooij. "And then they sometimes drive into each other in the dust. I also had a little trouble finding the waypoint, but we didn't lose a whole lot of time there."

The Rainbow truck started and finished in the middle of the pack and will therefore start tomorrow's eighth stage in the middle of the pack again. For the race teams, there are 830 kilometers on the program, with 395 kilometers against the clock. The assists have a 757-kilometer journey to Wadi Al-Dawasir. "So it's nice that we haven't broken anything," thinks Van Ballegooij. "Then the service team can also go to bed a bit on earlier."

Source: Rainbow Truck Team official press release
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Dakar 2022: Isidre Esteve recovers sensations after the change in the start order

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The Repsol Rally Team driver has started in the top 45 in the seventh stage of the Dakar Rally, after the decision of the organizers and the FIA on the rest day.
After a change in the brake settings of his Toyota Hilux Overdrive, the driver from Oliana was able to push his car harder and is still in the fight for the top 25.

"I am very grateful for the change of mind that the FIA and ASO have applied this Sunday. I really liked the stage and we have changed some brake settings that make me happy with what lies ahead."

The Repsol Rally Team has started the second week of the Dakar Rally 2022 with optimism on the rise and confidence close to maximum, after the change of criteria of the FIA and ASO on the starting orders. Isidre Esteve and Txema Villalobos have managed to start for the first time since January 1 among the top 45, enjoying a less stressful special stage than all the previous ones.

On the seventh day, the Spanish pair had to overcome the dust in suspension of some rivals and three complicated navigation points, where they were forced to retrace their steps. Even so, Esteve was satisfied after finishing the day 41st among the cars and enjoying the sensations given by his 4x4 with the colors of Repsol, MGS Seguros, KH-7 and Toyota Spain.

"I am very grateful that ASO and the FIA have been able to understand each other and change for the third time this starting order and make it a fairer order. They have taken the first 50 in the scratch of the last day and we have started in that order; I think it's the best for the traffic on the track," said the Catalan driver.

"Then, we had a special stage that I really liked, although it didn't go well. It had everything: there were changes of pace, sand, dunes, rocky tracks and complicated navigation. We lost a bit of time at three Way Points (mandatory way points) that were quite difficult to find. With the dust it was complicated and I couldn't help Txema much in that sense. But this is part of the game".

Esteve also took advantage of the day to test first hand some new adjustments that he has applied to the brake configuration of his prototype. The Oliana driver was very satisfied and expects to enjoy the last five days of competition.

"I am very happy because we have improved with the car by changing some brake settings that were not going very well and we have found the way forward. There are a few days of racing left in which I think we are going to have fun because I feel good, because the car works well and because I believe in this new starting order," he concluded.


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Dakar 2022: Miguel Barbosa holds his position in the Dakar

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Complicated day for the BP Ultimate Vodafone Team driver

After the rest day in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, where the Toyota Hilux T1 Overdrive was fully revised, Miguel Barbosa and Pedro Velosa faced today a long stage that turned out to be complicated due to the successive mishaps that prevented the duo from BP Ultimate Vodafone Team to get a result according to the progress that is within their reach. They maintained, however, their position in the overall classification.

"Another difficult day. We started again very far behind. We had a puncture at km7. A lot of rocks in that area and many pilots drilling holes. At neutralization we were looking at the transmission because we had heard a noise at the beginning of the special, but we found nothing unusual. Unfortunately after km 200 it broke and we had to replace it. Then we had a puncture again. It was another day all in the dust of the competitors who started ahead of us and also with a lot of fesh fesh. With all this we finished the selective sector already at night", says the BP Ultimate Vodafone Team driver, who adds:

"We continue to resist, but today we could have done a little better. We started with a calm, defensive approach to try to improve our position. But something always happens that slows us down"

The eighth stage of the 44th Dakar Rally will be held tomorrow between Al Dawadimi and Wadi Ad-Dawasir, with a selective sector of 395 km. The long links and the sand-filled menu make this journey to southern Saudi Arabia one of those stages that goes on indefinitely. The first 200 kilometers of the special will be filled with sand and dunes.

Source: BP Ultimate Vodafone Team official press release
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Dakar 2022: Laia Sanz starts the second week off on the right foot

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In the seventh stage of the Dakar Rally, the KH-7 rider came close to the top 20, although two punctures in a row towards the end placed her 26th.
"We went very well all day, even though it was not a stage for cars with small wheels because of the rocks."
"I'm quite happy with the change in the starting positions. I think it's fairer now. I congratulate the organization for having been able to backtrack because it was clearly unfair and in the first week it was very detrimental to us."

After the rest day this past Saturday, the Dakar Rally has started again to face the second and final week of the competition, which Laia Sanz has started on the right foot. The KH-7 rider got through the seventh stage, with 401 kilometers of special stage between Riyad and Al Dawadimi, in 26th position, the same position she occupies in the overall standings.

The day's route, which included many fast sandy tracks with potholes, some rocky areas and few dune crossings, was not very conducive to the characteristics of the Primax X-raid Team's MINI ALL4 Racing. Laia Sanz and her co-driver Maurizio Gerini were able to swim and save their clothes to finish well classified and await tomorrow, which is expected to be more favorable for them.

The Catalan driver showed a good pace throughout the special and even rode almost the entire second half of the timed section in 21st place, but the stones on the road are unforgiving and sooner or later end up causing punctures in the T1 cars, with a wheel size that is too small (the T1+ and 4x2 buggies have larger tires that minimize the risk of a blowout). This is precisely what happened to Sanz and Gerini, and to make matters worse, twice when they were already close to the finish line at Al Dawidimi.

"It was a good stage. We were going very well all day. There was a lot of navigation and it wasn't easy. We lost some time at some way points, but not much. It was not a stage for cars with small wheels. There were a lot of rocks, which penalized us a lot and we had to slow down a lot. Despite riding slowly so as not to have a blowout, we ended up getting two punctures in a row 35 kilometers from the end, but it's inevitable; it ends up happening to you anyway. That's what slowed us down a bit today, but the positive thing is that we rode at a good pace, close to the top 20," she said.

Apart from the development of the stage, the good news for the KH-7 rider was the decision taken yesterday by the race organizers to change the rules of the starting order. Thus, each day will start in order of the first 50 scratches of the previous day (whether T1, T2, T3 or T4), then the first ten trucks T5 and then the rest in order of scratch classification. In addition, the commissaires will be able to reposition the top 20 overall when they do not finish in the top 20 of the stage. This will avoid situations like the one experienced on day 5, when Laia Sanz was forced to start in 112th place, 68 positions further back than she was actually entitled to.

"I'm quite happy with the change in the starting positions. I think it's fairer now. I congratulate the organization for having been able to backtrack because it was clearly unfair and in the first week it has hurt us a lot, both us and other riders", says the Spaniard.

Thus, Laia Sanz and Maurizio Gerini will be able to start the eighth stage on Monday well placed to try to attack and take advantage of the theoretically more favorable conditions for them on a day with 394 kilometers timed and 435 kilometers of liaison. "Tomorrow we have a sand stage, which is where we enjoy the most, so I hope it goes well for us," concludes the 20-time world champion.


Source: Laia Sanz official press release
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Dakar 2022: Macik is back in the TOP 10

The drivers still have the entire second half of this year’s extremely challenging Dakar ahead of them. And as the first part of the race has shown, anything can happen during the remaining six stages. On Sunday, after a day off, the trucks set off into the 402-kilometre Stage 7. The Big Shock! Racing team sent Martin Macik’s yellow Iveco truck, which did very well in this stage. The crew improved their position, finishing as the 9th fastest, and also is back in the TOP 10 in the overall rankings.

The toughest Dakar in Saudi Arabia

Martin Macik’s crew went into the seventh stage without the support of teammate Martin Soltys for the first time. The drivers rate this year’s Dakar as the most challenging of the Saudi Arabian editions so far. Everything is faster, the competition is strong in all categories, and the track is also very technical and difficult. This reflects in the shape of the racing vehicles and the drivers themselves. Macik’s truck from Sedlcany went into the stage after a planned full technical service, which took place during the day off, and, after finishing the stage, it seems that the mechanics did a good job.

A good, cruising stage

The driver, Martin Macik, navigated by Frantisek Tomasek and supported by the onboard mechanic David Svanda, started Stage 7 from the 9th position. Their truck, Charles, passed today’s demanding route without any problems, keeping good speed on the harder surface. However, the lower engine power still shows in the dunes, which slows the crew down in some sections. And that was the reason why today – especially during took-offs – the crew lost a few minutes. Navigation was also good, although today it was not easy to keep control of the rapidly changing directions. “Overall, this was a good stage. Navigation was quite difficult today, but Frantisek managed it well. We were looking for a checkpoint two or three times, and we kept going in circles for a while before we found it. But that could have taken us a minute and a half at most, no more. Riding in the sand with the low power, we feel like we’re on a road trip. But we are quite happy with our stage position given the circumstances,” Martin Macik said.

Return to the TOP 10

The Big Shock! Racing crew managed to reach the finish line in 9th place, with a loss of only 13 minutes. The important thing is that the Sedlcany crew arrived safe and sound, their truck is holding up, and it seems that the mechanics will have a calmer night this time. No major collision happened to the crew on the track. However, they passed several of their competitors along the track who ran into technical difficulties.
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Dakar 2022: Tough stage for De Villiers/Murphy as Al-Attiyah/Baumerl hold steady at the top

Nasser/Mathieu remain in overall lead of 2022 Dakar Rally
Disappointment for Giniel/Dennis as broken oil pipe foil podium chances
Exemplary sportsmanship by Henk/Brett as they assist Giniel/Dennis
Another solid stage for Shameer/Danie

Stage 7 of the 2022 Dakar Rally brough disappointment for TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s Giniel de Villiers and co-driver Dennis Murphy. The pair were lying in 4th position overall mid-way through the rally, after a tumultuous opening week filled with drama. But a broken oil pipe put paid to their podium aspirations, just 130km into the 402km-long stage between Riyadh and Al Dawadimi. At the same time, teammates Nasser Al-Attiyah and co-driver Mathieu Baumel maintained their position at the top of the overall standings, though their lead decreased to 44min 59sec when they lost 5min 26sec to the stage winners.

Nasser and Mathieu recorded a clean run through the tough stage, which was peppered with tricky navigational decisions. Even so, they were overly cautious in the opening sections, but matched the time of the stage winners through the second half of the timed section. They’ll start Stage 8 – which has been billed by the organisers as ‘the toughest of this year’s Dakar’ – as the second car on the road, giving them the opportunity to control their pace somewhat, rather than trying to attack while opening the road.

Had the oil pipe stayed in place on the new GR DKR Hilux T1+ of Giniel and Dennis, Nasser may well have had two teammates for company on Stage 8. Initially, Henk Lategan and Brett Cummings set a blistering pace, quickly racing into the lead of the stage. But their charge was halted when they spotted Giniel and Dennis, who had themselves been running at a highly competitive pace, which was clearly good enough to secure a podium position in the overall standings.

Unfortunately, Giniel and Dennis were forced to halt around the 130km mark, after their engine oil disappeared into the desert sands of Saudi Arabia. They set about repairing their stricken car, and was joined shortly after by Henk and Brett who came to the aid of their teammates, showing exemplary sportsmanship. The four-man team managed to repair the Hilux, and secured engine oil from a number of good Samaritan competitors, before driving to the end of the stage together.

This diversion cost Henk and Brett 44min 42sec on the stage, leaving them in 36th place overall, 10hr 22min 38sec behind Nasser and Mathieu. Since Giniel and Dennis were ahead of Henk on the road for Stage 7, the incident meant a time loss of 1hr 0min 44sec for them, plunging them from 4th in the overall standings to 9th place, 1hr 47min 14sec off the leaders, and well out of contention for a podium position.

Stage 7 brought another solid performance by Shameer Variawa and Danie Stassen, their only setbacks coming from navigational challenges along the long stage. They were forced to circle around and hunt for waypoints on two occasions, losing 10min in the process. Their total time loss for the day was 18min 36sec, and they remain in 17th place overall, trailing the leaders by 3hr 11min 7sec.

The 2022 Dakar Rally continues its march to Jeddah tomorrow, with a 395km-long special stage between Al Dawadimi and Wadi Ad Dawasir. Crews can expect a sea of dunes during the first half of the stage, before tricky navigation again comes into play during the latter parts. Liaisons totalling 435km will join the stage to the bivouacs, making Stage 8 one of the longest of the event.


Glyn Hall, Team Principal: “What a day at the Dakar! Stage 7 was the first one after the Rest Day, and it brought plenty of drama. But first the good news: We’re still leading the Dakar, thanks to Nasser and Mathieu, who didn’t put a foot wrong today. They lost a few minutes to the chasing pack, but are in a good position for the next stage. The big upset came with Giniel and Dennis, when an oil pipe blew on their car. In the end, it cost them the better part of an hour, even with the help of teammates Henk and Brett, who had stopped to assist. While we’re bitterly disappointed with this, especially given the fact that Giniel was looking good for a podium position, we are proud of the camaraderie and fighting spirit of our crews. Shameer and Danie also soldiered on, recording a solid performance.”

Nasser Al-Attiyah: “Yes, it was a really difficult stage, and I think we were a bit sleepy during the first 100km. We lost 5min to Seb (Loeb) early on, but after the mid-point of the stage, we matched his pace to the finish. Overall, I’m quite happy after seven stages, and since Seb will open the road tomorrow, we should be in a good position to control the race.”


Shameer Variawa: “The stage was very tricky in terms of navigation. There were lots of rocks, but also some open sections, where we could push. But the tough navigation really tested the co-drivers. Just 10km into the stage, we took a wrong fork and lost about 5min. The same thing happened just after the decontrol section, so in total we lost about 10min just hunting for tracks.”

Giniel de Villiers: “I don’t know what to do to get our luck to change. It really is unbelievable. We started off nicely, but at the 130km mark the main oil pipe came off, and all the engine oil pumped out in about 10sec. I killed the engine immediately, and Dennis and I started working on fixing the problem. A big thanks to teammates Henk and Brett who stopped to help us, and also to my co-driver Dennis, who did an amazing job. He is very gifted with mechanical things, but it still took a long time to get the frayed pipe back onto the fitting. Once the job was done we had to get oil, as we had only about 1.5 litres of the 12 litres that the engine needs on board with us. Henk and Brett gave us what they had, and then Chris Visser stopped and helped us with about four litres. One of the Overdrive Toyota guys also helped, but that still left us way short. We decided to continue, but the oil pressure dropped in right-hand turns, and we had to take it really easy. It was a challenging stage, and I have to say it is also disappointing. We were challenging for a podium position and now we’re barely in the Top 10.”

Henk Lategan: “While we’re still here to finish the race, we’re not fighting for a position anymore. So whatever we can do to help the rest of our team, we’ll do. Our day started with some good pace, and my aim was to achieve a good road position for tomorrow’s stage. But then we saw Giniel next to the track with a problem, so we stopped to help him. It was quite a big job, and we gave them all of our spare oil. Once they got going again, we drove together through the stage to make sure they reached the end. It was a team game today, but that’s part of racing.”


Source Toyota Gazoo Racing

Dakar 2022: Gert Huzink sixth in seventh stage of the Dakar Rally

 In a blistering seventh stage, Gert Huzink of the Riwald Dakar Team was the second Dutchman to finish today. This also brings the top ten in sight in the general classification.

Gert Huzink about today's developments: “It was another fast test in which we got off to a very good start. In the dunes we lost some time compared to Martin van den Brink and the Kamaz trucks, so we lost a few places. Thanks to Rob's navigation skills we won some time again. That meant that we then came full into dust from the Praga of Loprais, until he made a mistake, and we were able to pass him too.”

At the end of the stage Gert Huzink could see the Kamaz trucks and the orange Iveco of Martin van den Brink again, but because of all the dust the Riwald men missed a waypoint. “That meant we had to drive back and lost about a minute. As a result, we crossed the finish line after the Kamaz trucks, but with a sixth place we were in the top ten today!” said Gert.

Pascal de Baar started a little later and therefore experienced a lot: “As always after the rest day, you have to be incredibly careful and that turned out to be the case this time too. Already after 12 kilometres we saw Janus van Kasteren lying on his side. Mitchel van den Brink of Team de Rooy was just putting him up right again. "We were able to overtake a Hino and Vick Versteijnen, but in the dunes, I made a mistake that caused the two to pass us again. We then moved up to neutralization with those two. After that break there was a hard slope where it was difficult to navigate. We lost at least ten minutes there. Then we ended up back in the sand where the truck had a tough time. 125 km per hour was the maximum there, but that turned out to be enough to overtake Vick Versteijnen again. Also, in the last part there was a lot of heavy sand and there we suddenly saw a helicopter above the truck of Maurik van den Heuvel of Team Dakar Speed. He had a serious crash with his Scania International. That looked ugly, but help was now on site so we could go full throttle to the finish where we came in 13th.”

A good result for both trucks of the Riwald Dakar Team. Thanks to today's excellent score, Gert Huzink is now 12th in the general classification. Pascal de Baar is now in 17th position.


Source Riwald Dakar Team

Dakar 2022: António Maio keeps his overall position

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Yamaha rider had a complicated day, but kept the 25th place

After a deserved rest day António Maio, driving a Yamaha registered by Franco Sport, resumed today the competition in the Dakar Rally 2022, moving on to the second and last week of the race. A less happy day for the Portuguese cross-country rally champion who, however, kept his position in the general classification, remaining close to a place in the TOP 20.

"Today was a complicated day. I got lost in a Way Point. I had trouble finding it. I lost a lot of time. The group that was coming behind me caught me. I stayed behind them and to pass them was very difficult because of the dust. I lost time and pace. I could only pass them after km 200. From then on, I managed to set a good pace, but there was nothing I could do about the time I lost. Fortunately the bike is still impeccable and I'm also feeling good", said the Portuguese rider António Maio upon his arrival in Al Dawadimi.

The eighth stage of the 44th Dakar Rally will be held tomorrow between Al Dawadimi and Wadi Ad-Dawasir and will have a selective sector of 395 km. The long links and the sand-filled menu make this journey to southern Saudi Arabia one of those stages that goes on indefinitely. The first 200 kilometers of the special will be filled with sand and dunes as far as the eye can see. Many participants will be put off by the complexity of the stage.

Source: Antonio Mario official press release
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We believe everyone deserves to read this news, as they had become even more important for teams, racers and organizers, or in a different perspective, for this sport that is now struggling to stay alive, That’s why, unlike others, we keep our 1st choice: to keep the Rally-Raid Network open and with free access to all sections,  regardless of where our visitors live or what they can afford to pay.

But we are also under a severe existential threat.  If under normal conditions is not easy to keep everything up and running, with the "microscopic bug"  raging all over our world, afecting our sport and all the ones that support us, things became extra-hard. 

We would like to ask for your support, as it is important to help us to keep the portal open and reporting as much as possible.  Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our future. Support the Rally-Raid Network from as little as €1 – and it only takes a minute. Visit our Patreon Page.

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