Dakar 2022: Pascal de Baar eleventh in a round around Bisha

Today's stage was another round, this time around Bisha, over 346 kilometres, with dunes and soft sand. For the eleventh stage, Pascal de Baar and his crew consisting of Jan van der Vaet and Stefan Slootjes were urged to take it easy and not to push this stage. But Pascal soon came back from that: “That's nicely said but taking it easy on a dune just isn't possible.

You must “grab that one in the mouth,” according to de Baar. “We took the first dunes carefully with the risk of getting stuck, but when we almost fell over, I thought it was time for a different course. You must surprise the masses so after the first series of dunes we sat down and just kept going. So, we went back to normal with the result that we were approaching the top ten again.”

Pascal continues: “It was an exceptionally beautiful day, perhaps one of the most beautiful so far, but with dangerous parts with many sharp stones. There too it was all or nothing with the result that we were able to overtake Mitchel van den Brink, who had started a minute ahead of us. That gave a positive boost to the corridor that we had started. However, he passed us later, but it was a nice fair fight that we had with each other. Looking back on the day we are satisfied with the result, and we have the 11th time. Especially when four teams compete for a top ten finish for the day within 4 minutes. We are now in 13th place in the general classification and that is just beautiful. Tomorrow we have a short stage of 165 kilometres ahead of us and then we can head for Jeddah.”

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Source Riwald Dakar Team.

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