Artugna Race 2022: Victories for Alfano-Marsaglia (Nissan Pathfinder) and Ventura-Brun (Yamaha YXZ1000R) at the Artugna Race

Artugna Race 2022: Victories for Alfano-Marsaglia (Nissan Pathfinder) and Ventura-Brun (Yamaha YXZ1000R) at the Artugna Race

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Victories for Alfano-Marsaglia (Nissan Pathfinder) and Ventura-Brun (Yamaha YXZ1000R) at the Artugna Race, the debut of the Italian Cross Country Championship.

The first outing of the ACI Sport tricolour dedicated to off-road vehicles is awarded, in a comeback, to the driver from Varese among the "Baja" Prototypes and to the driver from Turin among the "Side by Side". Success for Alessandro and Marco Trivini Bellini (Mitsubishi Pajero) among the "Series Vehicles". To Luchini-Bosco (Suzuki Grand Vitara) the first of the Suzuki Challenge.

The first race of the Italian Cross Country Rallly Championship 2022, the  Italian Baja di Primavera - Artugna Race was a success. The new debut for the top ACI Sport series dedicated to the masters of off-road racing was staged on the dirt roads of the province of Pordenone, along 28.38 kilometers on the bed of the Artugna stream, which hosted the four timed passages of the race, all concentrated in the day of Saturday, March 12th. There were many expected protagonists, including past champions and new faces, but the winners were Amerigo Ventura and Mirko Brun on Yamaha YXZ 1000R for the tricolour Side by Side, and Andrea Alfano and Carmen Marsaglia on Nissan Pathfinder for the tricolour Baja. The two crews, divided into their respective classifications and categories, have traveled at the same pace. Starting in front of everyone, both Ventura-Brun and Alfano-Marsaglia took back the top of the ranking at the race interval and then, in the last two chronometers, they froze the advantage until the final celebrations. Now they are the first suspects for the race for the respective Italian titles up for grabs in the Championship, to which is added the third candidature of Alessandro and Marco Trivini Bellini, on Mitusbishi Pajero, who snatch the victory for the tricolour reserved to Series Vehicles in Group T2.

First sucess of the season also for Andrea Luchini and Piero Bosco, on Suzuki Grand Vitara, who in addition to finding the place of honor in Group T2 sign the victory of the opening round for the 23rd Suzuki Challenge.

Yet, the race was immediately uphill for Amerigo Ventura from Turin, one of the most popular Side by Side drivers since the eve of the race. The vice champion of the Quaddy Team immediately took the lead in the first selective sector despite a touch to the front right and a bent tie rod, on a bale in a chicane, which seemed to compromise the performance. Then he managed to the second selective sector, while the home pilot Andrea De Luna with Giorgio Reffo, on the same Yamaha, snatched the best time and joined at the head of the standings of Group T4 with the same overall time ex aequo. At the return after the break Ventura-Brun scored two more consecutive scratches and further legitimized the final victory, won in 1:27'11 with an advantage of 33' on De Luna-Reffo, who still collect an excellent second place. The third step of the podium among the Side by Side goes instead to the other Turinese Valentino Rocco with Elisa Tassile, also on the Japanese tubular of Group T4, who close with a margin of 1'53'' from the top.

ARTUGNA RACE CROSS COUNTRY BAJA: 1. Alfano-Marsiglia (Nissan Pathfinder Proto) in 1:27'31; 2. Trivini Bellini-Trivini Bellini (Mitsubishi Pajero) a 5'25; 3. Luchini-Bosco (Suzuki New Gran Vitara) a 7'34; 4. Cantarello-Lezi (Suzuki Gran Vitara) a 9'27; 5. Codeca'-Toffoli (Suzuki Jimny) a 11'30; 6. Semeraro-Vigano' (Nissan Patrol) a 16'08; 7. Giocoli-Da Rin Spaletta (Isuzu D-Max) a 17'31; 8. Farina-Farina (Suzuki Vitara) a 18'04; 9. Ferroni-Fiorini (Suzuki Gran Vitara) a 20'54; 10. Cau-Risi (Mitsubishi Evolution) a 23'57;

ARTUGNA RACE SIDE BY SIDE VEHICLES: 1. Ventura-Brun (Yamaha Yxz1000R) in 1:29'11; 2. De Luna-Reffo (Yamaha Yxz1000R) a 33; 3. Rocco-Tassile (Yamaha Yxz1000R) a 1'53; 4. Manocchi-Manocchi (Yamaha Yxz1000R) a 11'56; 5. Bonetto-Audano (Yamaha Yxz1000R) a 25'03;

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