Baja Lorca 2021: Avatel secures in Lorca the first place in the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship T1N

Baja Lorca 2021: Avatel secures in Lorca the first place in the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship T1N

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Christine Giampaoli, second in the Lorca event, will compete in the CERTT with another Avatel driver, Willy Villanueva
Mónica Plaza and David Nadal continue adding points and experience.

Avatel has secured in the Baja Lorca -Ciudad del Sol the first place in the Spanish All Terrain Rally Championship (CERTT Avatel) in the T1N category, although the name of the driver and co-driver who will occupy it is still to be decided between Christine Giampaoli and Rosa Romero and Willy Villanueva and Borja Aguado.
The Avatel Racing Team driver Christine Giampaoli and her co-driver Rosa Romero have been classified in second place today in the Lorca competition, and will dispute leadership in the Trans Andalucía with another pair of the team, formed by Willy Villanueva and Borja Aguado.

Meanwhile, Monica Plaza and David Nadal have obtained fourth place and continue to consolidate their position in the CERTT Avatel in the T2 category, where they remain on the podium with third place with only one race to go. In addition, Borja Aguado has already been mathematically classified as leader in T1N among the co-drivers, an award that he will collect in Seville.

The team of the leading telecommunications company in rural areas, has a healthy competition between two experts, Giampaoli and Villanueva, who have their sights set on being number one in the category. In this Baja Lorca both have suffered incidents in the first day, in the case of the pilot the puncture of a tire and the neutralization of the second stage (SS2) by a forest fire "when we were enjoying driving," he said.

In the case of Villanueva, a broken clutch in SS1 left him without podium options, although he got back on track in the second section, achieving scratch (the best time) and reaching the finish line before the race was interrupted

As for the second day, both tried to squeeze the most out of their cars and were used to the fullest in driving, imposing a great pace. A competition with diverse terrain, with very fast sections and always demanding in navigation. "Rosa worked very hard", said Giampaoli.

Villanueva went out "to enjoy, we were going without pressure, we knew we were going to be fourth, and we did it". He also emphasized that "we have reached the finish line with the three Avatel cars intact and now we have to think about Seville".

Dust clouds

For their part Monica Plaza and David Nadal have been satisfied with the Lorca experience, where they have gone to score points. "The goal is the Championship, not a race", says the pilot, who points out that "it has been the fastest rally of the whole Championship". There were only slow sections at the beginning and then only in the 'neutralized' zones due to the passage of the cars through towns or main road crossings.

Perhaps the most complicated part of this rally has been dealing with the clouds of suspended dust, which was aggravated on the second day due to the broken, dry and slippery terrain caused by the passage of vehicles from the previous day, explains Nadal. "I had seen my father drive with his hand as a visor and today I have done it several times because in addition to the dust there were times when the sun was in front of us and complicated the driving," adds Plaza.

"The race was quite hard", said Avatel's team manager, Edu Blanco, whose mechanics have worked hard with the cars so that everything was ready for the two days of competition. The architects, David Rodríguez, Víctor Escudero, Lluis Solà, Nelson Yergos and Oriol Mas. A quiet and essential work that the whole team has recognized.

Finally, in this Baja Lorca - Ciudad del Sol there have been absences, since Pablo Cantó suffered a minor accident that has prevented him from competing with Jorge Gómez. In addition, the electric vehicle Avatel EcoPower, has not been present in this event for logistical reasons.

Automatic Translation from the official press release
Source Avatel

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