Baja Lorca 2021: Entry list

Baja Lorca 2021: Entry list

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Baja Lorca - Ciudad del Sol  2021 is part of the Spanish Cross-Country Rallies Championship and will take place from 5 to 7 of Novembre in region arond Lorca (Spain).

The race will have for Special Stages, making a total of 426.90 km timed for CERTT and CERTT SSV participants and a total of 234.30 km for T8 Trophy and Regularity Cup participants.   

The special stages are as follow:

  • SS1 Prologue Purias, 5.6 km. There will be no closed park at the end of the stage, the vehicles will remain in assistance.
  • SS2 Lorca-Caravaca, 160.05 km.
  • SS3 Caravaca-Doña Inés, 99.80 km. This special stage will be run in the opposite direction to SS2, with the start coinciding with the finish line of this special stage, 
  • SS4 Lorca-Caravaca, 160.05 km.

The race is organized by Automovil Club Lorca and you can find more information here:

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