Baja Lorca 2021: Victories for Carnicer-Lázaro and Asensio-Mata in Lorca

Baja Lorca 2021: Victories for Carnicer-Lázaro and Asensio-Mata in Lorca

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The sixth round of the Spanish All-Terrain Rally Championship Avatel moved the teams of the competition to the Region of Murcia for the celebration of the eighth edition of the Baja Lorca - Ciudad del Sol, organized by the Automóvil Club de Lorca, which returned to the competition after six years of absence.

With a route that highlighted the absence of a prologue stage, the race began on Friday with the technical verifications and the spectacular start ceremony held at the Huerto de la Rueda Fairgrounds.

On Saturday the action began in the sections, and Santiago Carnicer and Miguel Ángel Lázaro were the fastest in the first special stage, of 160 km, which linked the towns of Lorca and Caravaca. Félix Macías and José Luis Conde arrived behind the duo from Castellón and Murcia, with the winners of the previous race, Luis Recuenco and Sergio Peinado in third position.

The SS2 made part of the same route of the SS1 but in the opposite direction, so the terrain began to get complicated after the passage of vehicles, but Carnicer-Lázaro again demonstrated their speed and scored the second scratch of the day. Macías-Conde were second again, and reached the end of the stage less than two minutes from the lead. Behind them, a group of up to five teams with Recuenco-Peinado at the head, were less than fifteen minutes from the lead and therefore still with clear chances of victory.

Macías-Conde took the scratch in the last special stage after a penalty to Carnicer-Lázaro, who got the victory and are still in the fight for the title with the driver from Leon. José Antonio Ramos and Daniel Mesa were finally third, despite a five-minute penalty, completing the first five places Recuenco-Peinado and Reyes-Saiz.

The Side by Side category again had a luxury entry in which David Asensio and Juan Manuel Mata were the fastest in the first special stage, although with the current leaders, Víctor Verdú and Alfonso de Miguel, less than a minute behind. Federico Mogni and David Aguado, 2020 category champions, were third after the first 160 kilometers.

Asensio-Mata were also the fastest in SS2, leaving the "green car" -third in this special stage- almost two minutes behind, an advantage that in this competition is a seen and not seen. Equality continues to predominate in SSV, and Mogni-Aguado finished the day with the second best time of the section and third place overall, just one second behind Verdú-De Miguel.

A new scratch of Asensio-Mata gave them the victory in SSV after a test in which they have been very superior to their rivals. Mogni-Aguado climbed to the second final position, completing the podium Verdú-De Miguel. The JMP Racing duo were proclaimed champions of Spain with this result, in a year in which they have been the great dominators.

The Yamaha YXZ 1000R Cup had as winners Luis Sainero and Amir Kouch, who won after the abandonment of Javier Alarcón and Francisco Javier Pérez, who could not start SS3 after a mechanical problem when they were leaders after the first two stages. Edesio and Juan José Caamaño were second and champions of the trophy in what was their last race. Joaquín Alejandro Devesa and Carmelo Moliné completed the podium.

In the Spanish All Terrain Rally Cup Regularity had Gregorio and Tabatha Romon, with José Hidalgo and Manuel del Pozo second and Lyubomir Shandra and Irene Roures closing the podium places.

In the different categories the victory in T1N was for José Augusto González and María Ángeles Hernández, in T2 José Alberto Dorsch and Marcos Martínez won, Enrique Reyes and Jorge Saiz were the fastest in T3, with Miguel Ángel Valero and Jaqueline Ricci doing the same in T4. In T1 the victory went to the winners of the low, Carnicer-Lázaro, while in T8 the triumph went to Antonio and Roberto Martínez. In the trophy for female co-drivers, the final victory went to Ana María Herrero.

After an intense season, everything will be decided in the last race that will take place on November 26, 27 and 28 with the celebration of the Baja Transdalusia to be held in the city of Seville.

Automatic translation from the official press release
Source Campeonato TT 

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