Baja Portalegre 2022: Entry lists - Moto, Quad and SSV

Baja Portalegre 2022: Entry lists - Moto, Quad and SSV

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For most of our readers around the world, hearing about Baja Portalegre may not mean much, however, for the "tribe of fearless" rally-raid riders and drivers that lives in the small rectangle by the Atlantic called Portugal, this is their biggest competition of the year.

Few are the outsiders who have the audacity to face the fearless local riders and try to win their beloved race, so it's not surprising that most of the entries are Portuguese pilots. Baja Portalegre seems almost like a magic potion that gives superhuman strength to the locals, which makes the task of foreigners who don't have this "feeling" towards the race even more complicated. To better understand the meaning of Baja Portalegre, we can make a somewhat naive comparison: Baja Portalegre is to the Portuguese championship the same as the Dakar Rally is to the world championships and world cups.

This whole Baja Portalegre mystique was created in the very first editions, very hard and complicated, raced in a terrain almost always covered in mud and very difficult, but that contrary to what one would expect, this helped to create a kind of "special feeling of personal overcoming" around the race in such a unique and special way, that giving up was never an option for anyone, whatever the track conditions.

Although the race has been evolving and adapting to an environment that has changed over the years, the mystique of the race is still very much alive and well, and the long entry lists we publish today are proof of exactly that.

These days there is an atmosphere of anticipation and expectation for another edition of Baja de Portalegre, the 36th to be precise, where more than 180 Motorcycles will be lined up, including the participants in Mini Baja (children), 43 Quads, and 90 SSV (NON-FIA), numbers that only a small number of races around to world can be proud of achieving.

About the car race, we should wait a few more days to see who will or not will be there...

Enough talk, here are the lists:


Download 01-lista-inscritos-MOTO-Baja-Portalegre-22


Download 01-lista-inscritos-PROMO-HOBBYBaja-Portalegre-22


Download 01-lista-inscritos-MINI-BAJA-Baja-Portalegre-22


Download 01-lista-inscritos-QUAD-Baja-Portalegre-22

SSV  - These SSV aren't in FIA event. They race under the Moto Federation Rules, and their race program is very different from FIA T3 and T4

Download 01-lista-inscritos-SSV-Baja-Portalegre-22



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