Baja Portalegre 500 2019: Checks done, participants ready to start

Baja Portalegre 500 2019: Checks done, participants ready to start

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All is ready for the start of the 33rd Baja Portalegre 500, an edition with a prestigious entry list, of which the favorites have already finished the Administrative and Technical checks.

Amongst the World Cup for Cross Country Bajas, all eyes were on the documents and cars belonging to Vladimir Vasilyev (Toyota Hilux Overdrive), as well as on Orlando Terranova and Jakub Przygonski, from X-Raid, the drivers fighting for the title.

However, other names also stood out, namely last year’s winner Nani Roma, this time racing with a Borgward BX7 Dkr EVO.

Also walking around NERPOR with papers and driving cars through the Technical checks were the national drivers. Alexandre Ré (VW Amarok), Pedro Dias da Silva (Ford Proto) and Tiago Reis (Mitsubishi Lancer), the top three from the National Championship general classification, have all received the green light to take part in the event. The same can be said about last year’s Champion João Ramos (Toyota Hilux), and the returning Miguel Barbosa (Toyota Hilux) and Ricardo Porém (Borgward BX7 Dkr EVO).

Amongst Bikes, the leader of the Championship Daniel Jordão (Yamaha WR 450 F), second placed Salvador Vargas (Husqvarna FE), and Bernardo Megre (Husqvarna FE TPI) got the go ahead to fight for the title starting tomorrow. But they will have to take in consideration the performance put forward by António Maio (Yamaha WR Rally) and Mário Patrão (KTM Rally). The two most successful riders of the Baja are not racing for the title, but might affect the result, as they might end up taking important points from the top three.

Pedro Santinho Mendes (Can Am Maverick X3), Pedro Carvalho (Cam Am X3), Vítor Santos (Cam Am Maverick X3 XRS) and João Monteiro (Can Am X3 XRS) will be giving it all in the SSV. Just like Luís Engeitado (Yamaha YFZ 450) and Roberto Borrego (Yamaha YFZ 450R) in the Quads. The later with his eyes also set on the eighth victory at the Baja Portalegre 500.

Dices are set for what promises to be a very interesting and competitive Baja Portalegre 500, with five titles up for grabs and all the contenders with the green light to race for glory.




Source: Baja Portalegre official press release

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