Baja Russia 2022:  Baja Russia Northern Forest will open the 2022 season of international motorsport competitions

In 2022 Baja Russia Northern Forest will open the season of international motorsport competitions. The cross-country rally having a long history will take place from 10 to 13 February in the Leningrad Region. 
This year the Northern Forest celebrates its 18th birthday, and the event will unite several competitions under one name – racers will be able to apply and take part in the first round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas, the first round of the Russian Cross-Country Championship, the first round of the Eurasia Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, as well as in a one-day adventure regular movement rally in B category passenger cars (3rd category rally).
This year in February the world only snow and ice cross-country event was held at an excellent organizational level and was highly appreciated by the FIA observers, who paid special attention to the COVID-19 measures. In 2022 the Baja Russia Northern Forest will once again be held in the status of the FIA World Cup, opening the calendar of the eight-round series. Competitions will be held in Europe and the Middle East.
In 2022 the cross-country rallies will be presented on the world grounds in different racing series: long cross-country rallies and marathons (World Championship) and short bajas (World Cup). The calendar and event locations aligned with the newly created FIA Cross-Country World Championship to facilitate logistics and provide a wide-ranging and challenging season on a number of surfaces for competitors of the discipline.
In 2022 a new project will be implemented and a new racing series will be launched – the Eurasia Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. The winter race has a privilege to open the series, and the competitors of the Baja Russia Northern Forest can also apply and try their hand at the Eurasia Cup. The rounds of the Cup will be the following competitions registered in the FIA zonal international calendar:
Eurasia Cup 2022
Dates - Name - Place
11-13 February -  Baja Russia Northern Forest - Leningrad Region, Russia
25-30 April -  Rally Kazakhstan - Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan
07-10 July - Baja Kagan’s Gold - Astrakhan Region Chechen  Republic, Russia 
The world class Igora Drive Sports & Entertainment Complex will again become the title partner for the race (54 km from St. Petersburg) hosting the whole event’s infrastructure: Headquarters, Service Park, Parc Fermé and Press Center. Spectator special stages are laid in a close vicinity to Igora Drive and on its territory.
The Organizers’ main goals are providing comfortable conditions for the Baja competitors and showcasing the ultimate beauty and staginess of a winter cross-country event to the fans. On Saturday, 12 February, there will be an opportunity to watch cross-country competition – spectator areas will be located right on the territory of IGORA DRIVE.
With regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions connected with it, the Organizers in cooperation with the Russian Automobile Federation and the Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation are making their best effort to facilitate the participation for the foreign drivers (assistance in obtaining visas and border crossing support) as well as giving the fans opportunity to follow the strongest racers in safety conditions.
Since 2003 Baja Russia Northern Forest offers its competitors and viewers a unique atmosphere of winter holidays and new formats of the cross-country event holding.
The 2022 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas is confirmed as follows:
11-13 February RUS Baja Russia Northern Forest
17-19 February JOR Jordan Baja*
08-10 July ITA Italian Baja*
22-24 July ESP Baja Aragon
02-04 September POL Baja Poland
28-30 October PRT Baja Portalegre
10-12 November SAU Sharqia Baja*
01-03 December ARE Dubai International Baja**Subject to confirmation by the ASN
Source Autosport Media / Baja Russia

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