Baja Transandalucia 2021: Macías-Conde win the race and conquer the 2021 championship title

Baja Transandalucia 2021: Macías-Conde win the race and conquer the 2021 championship title

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The Spanish Avatel Cross-Country Rallies Championship finished the past weekend with the seventh and final race of the season, which took place in Seville, the 2021 Baja Trans Andalusia, a new race in the calendar and that was a challenge for everyone.

The city of Seville received the teams of the CERTT Avatel in the best way. On Friday afternoon the technical verifications were held in one of the most emblematic places of Seville, the Plaza de España, where also took place the ceremonial start which completed the first day.

The cold air from a Polar weather system that hit the Iberian Peninsula during the race changed the ground color to white, offering some spectacular images during the early morning Saturday's 10-kilometer prologue,  held in the old Tablada Aerodrome close to the Guadalquivir River and with the Seville in the background.

Luis Recuenco and Sergio Peinado went full speed throtle and placed their MINI as the fastest car of the prologue ahead of Felix Macias and Jose Luis Conde, who were second and Jordi Gaig and Aleix Astudillo third. A surprise came in this special stage, as Santiago Carnicer and Miguel Angel Lazaro rolled their car preventing them from completing the section, which left them in the last place more than three minutes from the lead after rejoining thanks to the option of super rally.

In the first super special of one hundred and eighty kilometers, which closed the first day, Macias-Conde were the fastest and assumed the lad of the race, becoming increasingly closer to achieving their main goal, conquering their first title of Spanish Cross-Country Rally Champions. Carnicer-Lázaro made a spectacular comeback finishing the day in second place just over six minutes behind the leader after suffering a penalty of seven minutes. Javier Pita and Ana Herrero also demonstrated their consistency in the long stages and climbed to third place. Recuenco-Peinado had problems in their MINI and abandoned the race.

On Sunday, Carnicer-Lázaro were the fastest of the special stage, but they only recovered thirty seconds to Félix Macías and José Luis Conde, who won the Baja Trans Andalusia and the title of Spanish Cross-Country Rallies Champions.
Carnicer-Lázaro finished the race in second and completing the podium was the pair Pita-Herrero in a season in which equality has been the keynote, and in which finally Macías-Conde took the title.

In the Spanish Cross-Country Rallies for Side by Side, Ricardo Sánchez and Julián Ángel Villarrubia started the race by winning in the prologue, with Verdú-de Miguel second and Óscar Olivas and Luis Barrios, in a special stage special created for this race and which was one of the strong points of the event.

But in the first long special stage, the already champions Víctor Verdú and Alfonso de Miguel took the best time and reached the end of the first day as leaders with four and a half minutes ahead of Javier Alarcón and Francisco Javier Pérez. The first three places were completed by Sánchez-Villarrubia, who despite losing some ground compared to the prologue, were still in the fight for the win.

Verdú-de Miguel were again the fastest on Sunday, and won their fourth victory of the year, which put the finishing touch to a spectacular season in which they have been superior to their rivals in SSV. Alarcón-Pérez made up for their abandonment in Lorca and were second with their Yamaha, being finally third Sanchez-Villarrubia despite a penalty of fifteen minutes.

The Baja Trans Andalusia was the final race of the Spanish season, that despite the pandemic has been completed in its entirety.


Source CERTT
Automatic translation from the official press release

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