Cierzo Rally 2022: The Spanish Cross-Country Rally Championship reaches its equator with the celebration of the Cierzo Rally in Zuera

Cierzo Rally 2022: The Spanish Cross-Country Rally Championship reaches its equator with the celebration of the Cierzo Rally in Zuera

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After the celebration of the Baja Aragon last July in Teruel, the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship returns to Aragon with the celebration of the fourth edition of the Cierzo Rally in Zuera on September 16 and 17...

The Zaragoza event is thus consolidated as one of the most complete events of the national calendar, which in this edition presents a good number of novelties. The main favorites for all the titles of the national competition will measure their forces in the already classic Aragonese event, which will bring together a total of 89 participating teams in different categories, including 11 Aragonese teams.

The event will start next Friday, September 16, at the Cooperativa Agraria Gallicum in Zuera, where the technical and administrative verifications will take place. Likewise, the work park for the event will be located there, as well as the closed park.

That same Friday, in the afternoon, the participants will head for the town of San Mateo de Gállego, where the starting ceremony will be held. Shortly afterwards, at a point that will be kept secret until the day of the competition, the first 10 km section of the race will be held, which will serve to establish the starting order for the following day's stage.

Once this timed section is finished, the teams will head towards Ontinar de Salz for the finishing ceremony.

Early on Saturday morning we will have one of the great novelties of the 2022 edition of the Cierzo Rally - Zuera 2022, a 132 km timed section to be held inside the San Gregorio Military Field. An absolutely unprecedented terrain for all participants, which guarantees maximum equality, and in which the co-drivers will have a lot of work, given the high number of crossings on the roads of the military field. The stage will be held behind closed doors, as only the participating teams will have access to the inside of the enclosure.

After this innovative stage, the participants will return to the surroundings of Zuera, where the next two special stages (SS3 and SS4) will be held, two laps of a 118 km route. The first will start at 11:30 and the final stage at 14:30.

The climax of the event will be the trophy ceremony, which will be held at the Cooperativa Agraria Gallicum in Zuera, the place where the closed park will be located, where all the surviving vehicles will rest at the end of the race.

The Cierzo Rally - Zuera is a scoring event for the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship, both for TT vehicles and light buggies. Among the TT vehicles, the current leaders of the competition are Daniel Alonso and Alejandro López (Ford Ranger), followed by Luis Recuenco and Sergio Peinado (Mini) and the Toyota Hilux of José Antonio Ramos and Dani Mesa. Among the buggies, Ricardo Sánchez and Julián Villarubia (Can-Am Maverick) and Edesio and Juan José Caamaño (Yamaha YXZ1000R) are leading.

The race is also scoring for the Yamaha YXZ1000R Cup and for the Copa de España de Regularidad TT.

Automatic translation from the original Spanish version
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