Hungarian Baja 2019: HunGarian Baja is ready for the start

Hungarian Baja 2019: HunGarian Baja is ready for the start

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A new impressive headquarter in Várpalota, exciting and challenging stages, and expectedly thrilling fight for the victory, that awaits us at HunGarian Baja, the Hungarian leg of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Bajas, where the top drivers of the standing will compete against each other at the weekend. The spectators can watch the battle between more than 80 competitors from 26 different countries. World famous drivers will be in focus this year again, and it is good news that the so much popular stream-cross in Döbrente has returned.

Zoltán Garamvölgyi, Chief Organiser said that the drivers will face a huge challenge again: "The longest ever HunGarian Baja awaits the World Cup field, and a new amazing headquarter in Thury Castle of Várpalota, where the crews can really feel at home. The official opening ceremony will be held by the main entrance of the castle with a beautiful background, and for the selection of the starting number even the Lord of the Castle will join us. Superspecial stage will start by 200 meters from the border of the city on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday there will be two exciting 208-km stages, while on Sunday two more 82-km stages. Two-third of the sections are set out on the usual shooting range, and the third part goes through the popular forest roads of Bakonyerdő. I am glad that we have developed again, and we can prepare for the biggest ever HunGarian Baja, that is also the longest in the Sprint World Cup series with its almost 600 km stages. It will be cool and a tough challenge, too."

The drivers can push their limits, because the fight is very intense: Vladimir Vasilyev, who always celebrates his birthday here, has only 4-point advantage ahead of the Argentinian Orlando Terranova, and the Russian is still hunting his first victory of the season. Toyota against Mini – that’s awesome! It is worth to mention Jakub Przygonski, too, who is in third position of the World Cup standing. He is well-known for loving the Hungarian stages, he celebrated podium finishes in the past two years. Among the Hungarian crews, Pál Lónyai and Imre Varga have already competed at several World Cup races and certainly, they will not miss the home event either. Though, looking at the classy field, there is no home advantage here.

Stefan Svitko, from the bikes, does no need for introduction, because he was regular participant in the past years’ HunGarian Bajas, and now he has the best starting number. Benjamin Melo, the overall leader can also be found among the entrants. The Chilean Tomas de Gavardo, son of the previous Dakar star, Carlo de Gavardo has never entered here up to now, but now he can represent the up-and-coming young talents.

Regarding the new venue we must note that Authorities of Várpalota are pleased to host the latest major international event, where the competitors are from more than 20 countries.

"Since there are a lot of motorsport fans in the city, and the race took place on the shooting range near the city, we have decided to host the event for the first time. We hope that the race will be an unforgettable experience for both the citizens and the visitors. The Cross Country World Cup has a huge and positive impact on the publicity and the touristic appeal of the city. We confirm that for the Organisers and the Municipality safety is first priority. Besides the organising team the officials of the Municipality and the local authorities will take care of the security’ as stated in the communique released by the city."

The official pre-race press conference of HunGarian Baja will be held on 3.15 pm on Friday in Thury Castle, where media representatives are welcome, while the official starting ceremony will take place at Main Square at 4.45 pm. On Saturday and Sunday the crews will fight against each other at the challenging stages we mentioned before.

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Source Hungarian Baja's official press release
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