Italian Baja 2020:  work in progress!

Italian Baja 2020: work in progress!

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Last week Italy for the most part finally re-starts! What about the Italian Baja? It never stopped! Besides the Covid-19 emergency and the general lockdown as for activities, a restricted team of the Fuoristrada Club 4×4 Pordenone has been operating in “smart working” to always keep the aim of organizing the race in 2020, waiting for the new date defined  as soon as possible by the Fia  and  Acisport. 
Obviously everything will depend, first of all, on the decision expressed by the National Government and the region Friuli Venezia Giulia. But Mauro Tavella firmly established, together with his most close collaborators, that everybody has to be ready to start as soon as a chance will be given, demonstrating the sport tradition and the passion for the competition, able to overcome all kind of obstacles, offering the view of relaunching the various Cross Country World. Stay tuned: for sure the Italian Baja will soon communicate good news.


Source Italian Baja
Photo: Fotosport

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