Italian Baja Nazionale 2021: Registrations open

Italian Baja Nazionale 2021: Registrations open

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Renato Rickler, homecoming Italy

Registrations are open for the Italian Baja 2020 International, the first stage of the 2021 Italian Cross Country Championship, which will take place between next Friday 19, and Saturday 20 March. The title is strongly desired by the Off-road Club 4x4 Pordenone as a sign of conjunction between a critical year and a relaunch season strongly supported by the Federation.

The first and immediate positive signal is the announcement of the "return to Italy home" of Renato Rickler with his R-Team from Massarosa in the province of Lucca, after a long absence from the challenges in Italian territory.

"I had moved away because I did not share choices and races from my point of view not very relevant to cross country - specifies the team manager - but this year I finally see a change, of course, I was hoping for. We have a calendar of authentic off-road tests, the rallies have been removed, apart from San Marino which is, in any case, an atypical race, the car rankings will be divided by the SSVs, and therefore I am happy to return to an appropriate environment ”.

Many years around the world, after having collected great successes in Italy with the Mitsubishi brand. What has changed in recent times?

"We are no longer an exclusive single-brand team while continuing to represent Mitsubishi, but we provide services to customers who own vehicles of different brands, and we are open to anyone who wants to turn to an excellent, competent, and professional structure".

The Italian Championship also includes a stage in Greece, from 4 to 6 June.

"We are very happy with this choice, we will find selective and exciting track conditions, broadening the horizons of the championship".

Can we already reveal who will race for R-team?

“At the moment we have four safe drivers, namely Riccardo Colombo, Sergio Galletti, Riccardo Milazzo and Andrea Schiumarini. We hope to be able to broaden an already important and qualified framework ”.

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