Rally TT Cuenca 2021: Avatel arrives at the Rally of Cuenca with the electric car on the track and Mónica Plaza and Villanueva from Cuenca fighting for the podium

Rally TT Cuenca 2021: Avatel arrives at the Rally of Cuenca with the electric car on the track and Mónica Plaza and Villanueva from Cuenca fighting for the podium

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The telecommunications company opens its terrace in the assistance park to the public
The driver from Cuenca and her co-driver David Nadal are second in the Spanish Championship in the T2 category. Avatel has won all the races in T1N so far
The Avatel Ecopower vehicle wants to finish the course again and set competitive times.

Avatel Racing Team arrives at the Cuenca TT Rally with the Cuenca driver Mónica Plaza and her co-driver David Nadal determined to get back on the podium in the T2 category, and with the electric vehicle back on track, with the aim of finishing the race and continuing to set competitive times. In addition, the team remains unbeaten in the T1N, where Willy Villanueva and Borja Aguado will fight for a repeat victory.

The telecommunications company, leader in bringing connectivity to small and medium-sized towns, is a special sponsor of the Cuenca TT Rally and main sponsor of the Spanish All-Terrain Rally Championship, which bears its name (CERTT Avatel). Cuenca will be dyed in purple, as Avatel will create the podium for the prologue stage finishing ceremony in the Plaza Mayor. It will also have a presence along the route, as well as in the volunteers' equipment.
The company will be involved in the Cuenca rally and will set up a terrace open to the public at the assistance park. It will be located on the upper deck of the Avatel stand, a large structure from which to contemplate the facilities of all the teams and get even closer to the experience of the rally.
This Spanish All Terrain Rally Championship Avatel (CERTT) is Monica Plaza's first competition as a driver and she has already consolidated her second place. The young athlete has had an upward trajectory throughout the four events held, in which she has been on the podium twice (second and third place).

"The rest of the races made me very excited, but racing at home is unbeatable," said Plaza.

The telecommunications operator's team faces the fifth race of the CERTT Avatel aware that it will be demanding and tough, with a route of more than 500 kilometers in three days and one of the longest prologues.

"The races in Cuenca have always been differentiated by the hardness and kilometers and I am sure that this year is not going to be less. It looks like the weather is going to respect so the fans will be able to enjoy three days of competition," she adds.

Plaza knows that

"there will be a lot of competition, since it is the Iberian Trophy and we will have the presence of Portuguese teams. We will try to fight for the category and score valuable points for the Championship".

One of his trump cards will be the rapport with his co-driver, David Nadal.

"We work in unison and in a race like this, it will favor us. Because I'm convinced that the route will be complicated and will require a lot of navigation, a lot of work from the co-driver".

In addition, they both like the fact that the race is long, something that has worked in their favor so far. 

In addition, the Avatel Ecopower, the first electric vehicle in a Spanish Championship and in the competition of a national federation, will participate again in this rally. The car will face its toughest test in Cuenca. In the previous test, --Guadalajara Rally-- it covered more than 200 kilometers finishing a complete lap and now, with Edu Blanco at the controls, it intends to set competitive times again and finish the course.

To face this race and its very long stages, the number of batteries has had to be increased and one of the occupants - the co-driver - has had to be removed to prevent the weight from affecting the car's performance. "We are aware that this configuration is detrimental to our navigation. But our goal is not the podium. It's about proving that an electric car is capable of being in competition and running at a competitive pace. We are looking forward to the race, it will be a great challenge," explains Blanco, one of the designers of this prototype together with Ariel Jaton.

Blanco, appointed eco-ambassador by the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation, is convinced that "there is no going back, the future of racing is zero emissions and we are accelerating its arrival from Spain with Avatel Ecopower".

Undefeated in the Certt

Avatel arrives in Cuenca undefeated in the Championship in the T1N category, won by Willy Villanueva and Christine Giampaoli. The latter will not be able to compete due to professional commitments.

Villanueva and his co-driver Borja Aguado, accumulate three consecutive victories and occupies the leadership of the category in the Certt. Therefore, they will have the responsibility together with Pablo Cantó and Jorge Gómez -third classified-, to achieve the best result in this VII edition of the Rallye TT de Cuenca, and try to keep the team unbeaten.  

"Every race is different. In this one we may encounter fog for the first time. We expect a complex, demanding route, which in the end is what we like, pure rally. We have been pushing the car - and ourselves - to the limit in the last few races to see how far we could go and the results have been good," he explains.

For the driver, he adds,

"without a doubt, one of the keys to success is the coordination with my co-driver, Borja Aguado, because his indications are essential to avoid the dangers and not get lost".

Automatic translation from the official press release
Source Avatel

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