Rally TT Guadalajara 2021:Giampaoli will have Sara García as co-driver in the Guadalajara TT Rally, where the Avatel electric car will compete.

Rally TT Guadalajara 2021:Giampaoli will have Sara García as co-driver in the Guadalajara TT Rally, where the Avatel electric car will compete.

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The team arrives with the aim of maintaining its leadership in the T1N category, where it is so far undefeated in the Spanish Championship.
The driver Mónica Plaza and her co-driver David Nadal will be fighting for the leading positions after the podium achieved in Zuera in T2.

Avatel Racing Team will take part in the Guadalajara TT Rally, where it arrives undefeated in the T1N category and where its electric vehicle will compete again with the combustion engine ones. In addition, on this occasion the pilot Christine Giampaoli will race with the dakarian motorcyclist Sara García. On the other hand, Mónica Plaza from Cuenca and her co-driver David Nadal will try to fight for the victory after achieving a third place in Zuera.

In this way, the team of the telecommunications company continues to promote young talented women. For professional reasons, Romero will not be able to take part in this event and will be replaced by another woman, also a biker and with Dakar experience, Sara García.

This is the first time that García will be co-driver, an experience

"that I am very excited about and I think it will be very enriching. I think that the knowledge I have in navigation with the bikes is easily transferable, I'm working on it with Christine". 

Sara Garcia has been seasoned in the sands of the Dakar in recent years. She has competed three times, all in the Original category (without assistance), finishing this very tough event twice. In addition, she has been World Champion in the Lowland category and Spanish Rally Champion in motorcycles, among other titles.

Giampaoli, who has almost completely recovered from her sprain, said she was

"very proud to be able to count on another super Dakar rider. We will try to have fun and bring home the best possible result. I think we are doing a good job in this championship".

Electric vehicle

The event of the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship, of which Avatel is the main sponsor (Certt-Avatel), will take place on October 1st and 2nd. Avatel arrives with five vehicles, four conventional and the Avatel Ecopower. The latter is the first electric car to compete in a Spanish Championship and its objective is to demonstrate the possibilities of this type of car in terms of spectacle and results. The Guadalajara race will be the third time that this prototype will be seen in competition. 

A test bench for a future zero-emission category, which is being worked on with the Spanish Automobile Federation and which would be the first in the world.  At its controls will be Ariel Jaton and with him his co-driver Edu Blanco, the two designers of this unique prototype, which is the evolution of the first electric car that finished the Dakar in 2018.  

Objective, to remain undefeated

Avatel will once again be looking for victory in the T1N category, a podium that has been taken twice by Willy Villanueva and Borja Aguado on a third occasion by Christine Giampaoli and Rosa Romero, who also reaped second and third places.

"We are looking forward to enjoying the experience of a rally again, testing ourselves and our vehicles," says Villanueva.

For Mónica Plaza, from Cuenca, this will be her fourth race as a driver, with a third place and second place overall in T2. The young rider, who has welcomed Sara to the team, points out that

"we know that the race will be tough, but that's what we like. The terrain, contrary to what you might think, will be diverse and we are sure it will be a challenge. Our goal is to always finish, but we demand more from ourselves in every race". For his part, his co-driver David Nadal has highlighted the good atmosphere and understanding in the cockpit, which "I think is key".  

During the first day (Thursday) will take place the prologue in the vicinity of the town of Cifuentes. As for Saturday, the race will consist of two stages of 188 kilometers each in a diverse terrain typical of the Alcarria.


Automatic translation from the official press release

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