Rally TT Villa de Zuera 2021:Avatel enters Rally TT Villa de Zuera with five vehicles

Rally TT Villa de Zuera 2021:Avatel enters Rally TT Villa de Zuera with five vehicles

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The team took first place in the two previous rallies, the Baja Aragón and the Baja Extremadura.
Avatel has a strong female presence, with the international Christine Giampaoli, her co-driver Rosa Romero, and the driver Monica Plaza.
Avatel Ecopower, electric vehicle, returns to the competition

Avatel Racing Team will race this weekend in the Rally TT Villa de Zuera, where it will again seek the podium in the T1N category. The team arrives with its five vehicles, including one electric, the Avatel Ecopower, which will return to the competition. It also has an outstanding female component, with the international driver Christine Giampaoli (Christine Gz), her co-driver Rosa Romero and the driver Monica Plaza, of Aragonese descent, and who will have on her right the Aragonese David Nadal.

The team comes after obtaining podiums in the previous rounds of the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship Avatel. Specifically, Christine Giampaoli and Rosa Romero took first place in the Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura, and Pablo Cantó and Jorge Gómez took third place in the Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura. And in the Baja Aragón the victory was won by Willy Villanueva and Borja Aguado.

As for Monica Plaza and David Nadal, who has competed in the T2 category, on both occasions have been at the gates of achieving third place. An excellent result taking into account that this is the first championship of the young driver and that her strategy has been to get to know the car, to drive kilometers, and to get along with her co-driver.

The goal of the whole team for this third race of the CERTT Avatel is to continue to perform to the maximum, refine the driving, consolidate the tandem of each vehicle and finish the race with the best possible result.

"We are very excited about this race, to meet again with the fans on the roads and to face a route that we are sure is going to be of great hardness and difficulty, as in previous editions," says Giampaoli.

On the other hand, Mónica Plaza has pointed out that:

"We are going to enjoy a first-class rally, fast and in which we are going to face the heat again. We are going to demand the maximum because we have picked up the pace of competition and now we want to see how far we can go".

The Rally TT Villa de Zuera, of which Avatel is a sponsor, will start on Friday with a prologue of 9 kilometers, while on Saturday the route will be 124.5 kilometers after the environmental authorities reduced it due to the high risk of fire. It will be a very intense day, as the vehicles will have to complete the route three times to reach the finish line.

Electric challenge

As for the electric car, the Avatel EcoPower, will be back to demonstrate its capabilities in the Rally TT Villa de Zuera after the break of the Baja Aragón. In this case, the route, with 45 minutes of assistance between each of the three stages, will allow refueling the electric vehicle developed by Ariel Jaton and Edu Blanco.

The car is in contention to face the conventional combustion engine. In their first performance in the Baja Dehesa Extremadura they made good times until a stone broke their steering. "Seeing the car in action is quite a spectacle and we hope to give a lot in this rally," says Blanco.

It is the first time that an electric car competes in the CERTT, showing what will be the future of the competition, as well as raising awareness of the use of this type of vehicle. The accumulated experience will help the Spanish Automobile Federation to create a specific category in the future, being the first international organization to do so.

The telecommunications company Avatel, the main sponsor of the Spanish Off-Road Rally Championship (CERTT), is firmly committed to the fight against climate change, which is why it has made a firm commitment to the electric car, supporting the company Ecopower Automotive to reach the competition.

Likewise, in her arrival in the world of rallying, she wanted to contribute to break glass ceilings and make the talent of women athletes visible. This led him to incorporate Christine Giampaoli into the team almost a year ago and recently made it possible for Monica Plaza to leave the co-driver's seat to fulfill her dream of driving. And finally, it has been reinforced with Rosa Romero, a reference in motorcycles.


Automatic Translation from the press official release 


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