Rallye TT Cuenca 2021: Recuenco wins at home, Verdú closes in on SSV title

Rallye TT Cuenca 2021: Recuenco wins at home, Verdú closes in on SSV title

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In its second edition after returning last year to the Spanish Cross-Country Rally Championship Avatel, the Rallye TT Cuenca was back on track and after the restrictions by COVID that marked the previous season, in this 2021 the club Cuenca 4×4 Motor could finally bring out the true potential of the event.

With a zone of assistance and race offices that returned to the city of Cuenca, Friday began with the technical verifications for the seventy-six teams that gathered in the capital of Cuenca in the different categories.

One of the organization's successes was the celebration of the starting ceremony in the Plaza Mayor of Cuenca, in a perfect setting with the Cathedral in the background and a large number of people who did not want to miss the teams passing through the starting podium.

The prologue was the special stage that marked the beginning of the rally, and in it Luis Recuenco and Sergio Peinado were the ones who set the pace. The local driver was very fast with his Mini among the All Terrain and took the best time ahead of Javier Pita and Ana Herrero, and Santiago Carnicer and Miguel Angel Lazaro.

On Saturday, two special stages of almost 150 kilometers were disputed, being SS1 the return of the mythical viaduct of the race that gathered thousands of people as usual. Recuenco-Peinado were again the fastest, with Carnicer-Lázaro in second position after a five-minute penalty. Enrique Reyes and Jorge Saiz went up six positions and managed to get third position with their VM Competición.

A new scratch of Recuenco-Peinado in the SS3 made the driver from Cuenca finish as a solid leader of a hard second day in which he showed the speed he had already demonstrated in other appointments this season. Reyes-Saiz moved up to the second position after an electrical problem of Carnicer-Lázaro that made them lose an hour. Gael Queralt and Marc Solá appeared on the scene, taking second place in the special stage and moving up to third overall.

SS4 was for Carnicer-Lázaro and their Ford Ranger, who after yesterday's problem went all out in this last stage. Felix Macias and Jose Luis Conde were the second fastest and fourth in the final standings. Luis Recuenco and Sergio Peinado won their home race after demonstrating a great pace throughout the weekend. Queralt-Solá finally got the second position with their Can Am, closing the final podium Enrique Reyes and Jorge Saiz.

In the Spanish Side by Side Championship, Alfonso Asensio and Víctor José González were the fastest in the prologue ahead of Ricardo Sánchez and Julián Ángel Villarrubia, who were only two seconds behind the best time. Oscar Olivas and Luis Barrios were third in this first special stage that finished in the vicinity of Cuenca.

Asensio-González dropped out -although they later rejoined the super rally- in SS1, and this left the lead to Sánchez-Villarrubia, who were the fastest in these 145 kilometers. The current leaders of the competition, Víctor Verdú and Alfonso de Miguel climbed eight places to second place, while Joaquín Alejandro Devesa and Carmelo Moliné also climbed twelve places to third.

In SS2 another scratch for Sánchez-Villarrubia who reached the last special stage with more than ten minutes of advantage over Verdú-de Miguel who were still looking for a new victory this season. David Asensio and Juan Manuel Mata were second of the stage and fourth overall, while Olivas-Barrios were in podium positions with one stage to go.

Sánchez-Villarrubia abandoned due to mechanical problems in the last super special stage, leaving the victory in the hands of Víctor Verdú and Alfonso de Miguel, who also had the best time in SS4. The JMP Racing duo thus remain as solid leaders with options to become champions in the next round. The final podium was completed by Asensio-Mata and Olivas-Barrios after a race from less to more.

In the different classes Dorsch-Martínez were the winners in T2, Reyes-Saiz did the same in T3 and Queralt-Solá won in T4. Naranjo-Alvarez were the fastest in T1N, Espada-Cervera in T8, Ramoneda-Salmerón in Open, Laura Díaz in female co-drivers and the winners of the race Recuenco-Peinado in T1.

The Yamaha YXZ 1000R Cup had as winners the brothers Edesio and Juan José Caamaño, who achieved a new victory ahead of Joaquín Alejandro Devesa and Carmelo Moliné, who were second only 30 seconds behind, and Javier Alarcón and Francisco Javier Pérez who closed the podium.

In the Spanish All-Terrain Regularity Rally Cup, the victory went to Álvaro Bartalomé Ávila and Nicanor Francisco Villar, who won their first victory of the year. Salvador Rubén Serrano and Juan Miguel Amaya were second, with Javier Burillo and José Casado in third position.

It is worth mentioning the presence of Susana Hernando, co-driver of Domingo Román, who was chosen for the occasion after taking part in the first Campus de Copilotaje Mujer y Motor which was held last week in Elda by the Metal Lube Rally Raid Team and was a great success in terms of participation.

The penultimate event of the year and the next on the calendar will be held on November 5, 6 and 7 in the Murcian city of Lorca, where the CERTT Avatel will return after several years of absence, organized by the Automóvil Club de Lorca.

Automatic translation from the official press release

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