Romanian Baja 2019: The biggest Rally Raid event in Romania!

Romanian Baja 2019: The biggest Rally Raid event in Romania!

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Valid for East European Tout Terrain Series and ACSI MOTORSPORT International Championship.

The biggest motorsport event in the last 25 years! The only event capable of bringing more than 40 competitors from abroad (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine). Among the competitors present at BAJA500 ROMANIA there are pilots with experience in World Championship competitions and pilots participating in very important competitions such as: DAKAR, AFRICA ECO RACE, SILKWAY, PANAAFRICA.

BAJA 500 Romania competition has demonstrated that it can be organized and held a major international event on a different route each time, acknowledge the complexity and diversity of competitors and length, that can confirmed a hard race, very hard race with a dropout rate of 50%, but what has become an almost unique attempt in all European sports panorama.

BAJA 500 ROMANIA, through its typology, image and difficulty, has entered the narrow circle of dream competitions, at which the European pilots are planning to participate from one year to the next. Baja 500 is a unique competition, that includes traveling 500 km in a single day, just like at a DAKAR stage.

Through this BAJA 500 competition, the sports club BAJA 500 ROMANIA aim is to become a known international racing raid competition and to maintain its slogan that it is "a retro-style competition" equating to a DAKAR stage day.

The BAJA500 ROMANIA competition takes place in a single day on many kilometers in this magnificent area of Buzau County. This race is a very fast and difficult race because it contains different types of routes along the plains, hills, forests, mountains and even sand covered ground.

This competition, being both renowned and valuable, is supported annually by the local authorities: the Buzau County Council, the Local Towns Halls, the Gendarmerie, the Police, the Emergency Situations Inspectorate – the Firefighters. The institutions of the county allocate over 400 collaborators in this event, in order to provide protection and safety to the participants and the watchers (on each local area) at the Baja500 Romania Competition.

Situated in the south-east of Romania, this county, also called the "Land of Luana", extends to almost the whole river basin of the Buzau River. Through its variety, it harmoniously combines reliefs such as mountains at the north (Buzau Mountains and Vrancea Mountains), plains at the south, with broad meadows, sub-Carpathian hills covered with vineyards and over 50 kilometers of sand-covered soil.

In this area there are many tourist attractions, such as: The Vultures Lake ("The Bottomless Lake"), The Dealul Mare Vineyard, The Waxy Volcanoes from the Pâclele Hills, The "Living Fire" burning through the ground crack, the Amara Lake, the Balta Albă Lake, the "Golden Chicken"  Treasory from Pietroasele, on the Istriţa hill and the Sărata-Monteoru Petroleum mine which is still active and thus unique in Europe and even in the world.

NOTICE: This information comes directly from the race's official website:

28/6/2019 - FRIDAY
08.00  Opening Secretariat and Press Office - Buzau, Dacia Square 
08.15  Opening Technical checks  - Buzau, Dacia Square 
15.10  Press  Conference - hotel Pietroasa 
15.40  Briefing 
20.00  Briefing - Restaurant Buzau 
21.00  Special Dinner with Film of prologue - Restaurant Buzau  
07.00  START of  SS2   “Baja 500” - Buzau, Dacia Square  
20.00  Final Technical verifications -  Buzau, Dacia Square 
21.30  SPECIAL DINNER - Buzau, Restaurant 
10.00  Publication of definitive results          
11.30  Prize giving --  Buzau Dacia Square 

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