Rali dos Sertões 2021: Stage in Seridó punishes. Tomorrow the dispute happens under the blessings of Padim Ciço

  • Caminhos do Seridó challenged pilots and co-pilots this Saturday. Caselani (Motorcycles), Medeiros (Quads), Reinaldo Varela/Dums (UTVs) and Marcos Baumgart/Cincea (Cars) dominated the day. But it's just beginning. Tomorrow the caravan arrives in Pernambuco.

The first day was behind us. And it was hard, demanding and hot. It couldn't be any different in the Seridó hinterland, stage of the 1st stage of the Sertões 2021, which took pilots and navigators from Tibau do Sul (RN) to Patos (PB). This Sunday, the challenge in the biggest rally of the Americas will be a 249-kilometer special that will take the race from the Paraíba city to Araripina (PE). It is very close to Juazeiro do Norte, main point of devotion to Padre Cícero Romão Batista. The 'Padim Ciço', who is the honoured of the day, will bless the caravan through paths that promise to demand as much as the ones of the day before.

Saturday's special confirmed that this year's Sertões would be challenging from the very first kilometre. There were 235 kilometres of an extremely technical and winding race: gravel and stones; passing through mountains; a trial section and many curves. All under a strong sun that punished machines and men. The low average speeds of the winners help to summarize what was the day - 55.04km/h for the cars.

In the motorbikes, Gregório Caselani (Honda) inherited the stage victory and the rally leadership with the punishment applied to the Frenchman Adrien Metge (Yamaha), fastest of the special stage, for speeding in a radar zone and for driving in the opposite direction of the race to validate a lost waypoint. Jean Azevedo guaranteed the double of Honda, followed by the reigning champion Ricardo Martins (Yamaha).

Among the UTVs, the experience of Reinaldo Varela (Can-Am) made the difference. The three-time world champion and navigator Gunnar Dums dealt well with the conditions of the day to arrive in Patos as the fastest and first leaders of the Sertões 2021 in the most hotly contested category. They were ahead of defending champions Deninho Casarini/Ivo Mayer, who were forced to endure a stage of overcoming the competition. With the rollover in the prologue, they were the 37th duo to start, which required numerous overtakings and a strong rhythm from the beginning. In an edition with a record number of participants, João Valentim/Henrique Correia (Can-Am Maverick X3) finished third.

The expected fierce duel between the Baumgart brothers and the Toyota Hilux V8 IMA set the tone among the cars. And the most recent champion among them took the lead. Marcos (navigated by Kleber Cincea) was 55s faster than Cristian/Beco Andreotti. With another example of the Japanese pick-up, Sylvio de Barros/Rafael Capoani finished third. Another sensation in the category, the South African Century CR6 buggy of Marcelo Gastaldi/Cadu Sachs forced the duo to change a front shock absorber.


Gregório Caselani (Motorcycles)

"I'm very happy. The special was very hard as we expected, but I had a lot of fun on the bike today. I started the rally being the target, but it's good to lead. It's an important result for the team and we will try to take it to the end.

Marcos Baumgart (Cars)

"It was a special worthy of the Sertões, very cool. A stage like this measures a lot of driver, navigator, equipment and team, and I like this type of race. We kept a constant rhythm, Cristian attacked and came into the fight; there's no point throwing all the chips in one day because there's still a lot of rally ahead".

Reinaldo Varela (UTV)

"I honestly didn't expect to make this storm. The special was very technical, always left and right, no straights, with stones and a big risk of tyre punctures. We passed well, we came without any scares and I'm happy to start at the front. As we did well in this first stage and the second promises to be similar, we have everything to do well again, although many people come with everything".

Marcelo Medeiros (Quads)

"It was a very tough day. Many stones on the way and a lot of attention in the piloting. Another point that made it difficult was the heat. The important thing is that our quad finished in one piece, without any problems and ready for the next challenges.


1ª. Stage – Saturday 14/08 – Tibau do Sul (RN) – Patos (PB)
235km cronometrados

1) #7 Gregório Caselani (2)MT1, Honda CRF450RX, 4h26min07
2) #3 Jean Azevedo (2)MT1, Honda CRF450RX, 4h27min59
3) #2 Ricardo Martins (3)MT1, Yamaha WR450F, 4h28min09
4) #31 Gabriel Bruning, (1)MT3, 4h31min19
5) #6 Júlio Zavatti, (1)MT2, 4h32min59

1) #100 Marcelo Medeiros, Yamaha YFM700R, 4h29min20
2) #107 Manuel Andujar, Yamaha Raptor 700, 4h37min43
3) #101 Rafal Sonik, Yamaha Raptor, 4h50min14

1) #204 Reinaldo Varela/Gunnar Dums, (1)UOP, Can-Am Maverick X3, 4h19min24
2) #201 Denísio Casarini/Ivo Meyer, 1(UT1), Can-Am Maverick X3, 4h22min36
3) #229 João Valentim/Henrique Correia, 2(UT1), Can-Am Maverick X3, 4h23min56
4) #218 Guilherme Benchimol/Daniel Spolidorio, 1(UT2), Can-Am Maverick X3, 4h24min08
5) #220 João Pedro Franciosi/César Valandro, 2(UT2), Can-Am Maverick X3, 4h24min17

1) #301 Marcos Baumgart/Kleber Cincea, 1(T1FIA), Toyota Hilux IMA 2021, 4h16min11
2) #303 Cristian Baumgart/Beco Andreotti 2(T1 FIA), Toyota Hilux IMA 2021, 4h17min06
3) #315 Sylvio de Barros/Rafael Capoani, 3(T1 FIA), Toyota Hilux IMA 2021, 4h22min31
3) #348 Carlos Ambrosio/Luiz Afonso Poli, 1(OP), Buggy Giaffone V8, 4h23min03
5) #359 Dan Nacif/Marco Túlio Lana, 2(OP), Buggy Giaffone V8, 4h27min43


Automatic translation from the official press release
Photo: Victor Eleuterio

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