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Incredible and spectacular as they are, Motorsports and specially cross-country rallies have been, since the first time anyone tried to anything with an engine a source of accidents, mishaps and all sort of unexpected problems.
Drivers and riders are aware that from the 1st meter to the last one of any race they will be under the constant danger of something wrong could happen to them, no matter what kind of vehicle they are using.
Fortunaly, the security improvements reduced the risk a lot and still keep reducing with new systems being introduced, strict rules and incremental build quality of the vehicles year after year.   
This section will publish some of those accidents and other unexpected events in racing. Some times they are simply funny, other times spectacular and a few times even scary. In all of them the humans left the carnage with no major problems. The vehicles, well unfortunately for some this was the end.
In this section we cast our very special and particular look on these situations and present you with an unexpected answer to what the videos show.

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The uses of a cross-country racing vehicle are almost endless, and sometimes you can use it in other sports, like for example bowling.

Today we show you one of  these cases, where in the recent Baja TT Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal) one team decided to relax a little bit after an intense fight for a (successful) overtaking maneuver.

The video starts right up with the Bowling scene, where the teams tries to take down as much poles from one fence as they can.  But please do see the full movie and enjoy the efforts of the team to try to overtake another participant of this race.

We should thank to the Silver Fox Racing Team (Filipe Videira and Pedro Santos) for sharing this video and  let's us enjoy some moments of their race.

Video uploaded to Youtube by Pedro Santos 

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Jumping is an important skill to be mastered in Cross-Country Rally.  Today we show you some examples of different skill levels, finishing with a fine "Master" example.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: COMPSAFARI
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The fine art of crashing is a quite demanding one and the most fearless drivers and riders should always seek for ways to improve their skills. Today let’s have a look at an excellent example of this constant improvement "state of mind".  

After a successful first crash with no injuries and low damage on their racing car, and after having captivated the attention of a cameraman and a truck team that made itself available to help in any necessary rescue operations, this team decided to have another try and score some extra points.
No injuries, except on team's pride.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: Rodolphe Blayac
Original video France 2

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A reoccuring topic in our series "Don't try this at home" is the importance of a well-chosen place to have a crash.  But let's suppose that you have already mastered this skill and want to improve to the next level, something like the "black belt of crashing".

To achieve this next level you should be sure that you got all the necessary features: public, cameras and a safe place to crash where you achieve high marks for spectacle and can still leave the wreckage without any injuries, and if possible, still be able to continue the race. 

With all the basic features in place, the next step is to get something extra, like ensuring your stunt is broadcasted to all 4 corners of the world fast, what for that, and no better place exists than in front of a live camera.  

We will show you here an example of what are we talking about: the "extra feature" here is having a reporter in place making a live update to the classifications, that promptly made himself available for a flash interview.

Alexey Berdinskikh and his co-driver Kirill Shubin were having a nice drive with their Can-Am Maverick at the recent Silk Way Rally, when they found the perfect spot for a crash and pulled out this impressive stunt in front of the reporter of ATV Club.  The crew escaped unharmed, and managed to finish not only the stage but also the rally, the latter one in a very impressive 7th place overall.  

Video uploaded to Youtube by: BRP FORMULA 7
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During our series of videos, we have already discussed many of the requirements of a good crash, illustrating them with live examples of the dos and don'ts.
Today we will show you a masterpiece. This level of skills demands a sharp mind, focused and experienced, something for that only those holding a "black belt" of crashing are capable.
At the most unexpected location, even at low speed, this team scored high marks for style and effectiveness.  As far as we know, no one got hurt.

Video uploaded to Youtube by: MarcosAni

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