2024 Dakar Stage 7: 15th and 16th positions for the Sherco Factory Racing Team Riders!

2024 Dakar Stage 7: 15th and 16th positions for the Sherco Factory Racing Team Riders!

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The day after a well-deserved day of rest, after the 48h marathon stage and more than 600 km in the dunes in 2 days, our Sherco Team riders set off for the seventh stage of the 2024 Dakar Rally, from Riyadh to Al Duwadimi, with 483 km of special and 390 km of liaison.

Rui Gonçalves found a good pace from the start of the special, he was very consistent and perfectly managing the navigation, he had the 15th place time of the day and is 29th in the provisional general classification.
Harith Noah finished 16th in the stage and is 13th in the provisional general classification.

Rui Gonçalves: "Today, we had a long stage with more than 400 km in sandy tracks, a few passages in the dunes, and many off cambers. There were a few dry riverbeds, and it went well. It was a fairly rolling special.
I left a little behind, so at first it was challenging, there was a lot of dust and I had to be careful. There was a lot of navigation too, so I had to stay focused, one eye on the road-book, another on the track. I rode alone almost all day and when I caught up with other riders, I rode in the dust again. I felt really good, the bike worked great, and I had good sensations.Thank you to the whole team that is continuing to do an exceptional job!”

Harith Noah: "It was a difficult day for me. I am still suffering from a cold. It's not easy to stay focused in these conditions and I lost a lot of time. I am satisfied with this day given the circumstances. The bike worked well, and I have good sensations. Thanks to the whole team for the work, they are doing.”

Tomorrow, the eighth stage of the Dakar, will go from Al Duwadimi to Hail, 458 km of special and 220 km of liaison.

Ranking of stage 7
Rui Gonçalves: P15
Harith Noah: P16

Provisional general classification
Rui Gonçalves: P29
Harith Noah: P13


Source: Sherco Factory Racing Team official FB page

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